Chris King Ring Drive Lube

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A special lube for use on Chris King's patented RingDrive engagement system as well as all of our hub bearings. It is engineered for high performance at all temperatures and less rolling resistance.

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Blur LT2 Single Ring Drive Train Conversion

Definitely worth the time to do this: [url][/url] It was like riding a new bike. Maybe it was psychological, but I had two great rides this weekend, before tragedy struck this morning and my bike ended up in the shop.Read More »

Chris King Ring Drive Lube

I've done a lot of searches and a lot of reading about whether or not to use Chris King's special lube on my CK hubs. I want to service them myself (without the special tool). Mine are dirty and nasty and this looks so simple. It's just that I'm scared to clean them (and clean the old lube off ... Read More »

Problems with new Ring Drive lube

So my Chris King hubs are 11 years old. Rode them moderatly for the first couple seasons in the Midwest, took 8 years off and have started riding on them again this last year out in rocky AZ. Ive had no issues with these hubs in all of those years included the most recent year in AZ. I was using ... Read More »

Help with Drive ring

Has anybody removed the drive ring from their rear hub? This is a Spot hub which holds the drive side bearing behind the drive ring for the freewheel. Spot told me they are pressed in, but after a few attempts with a screw drive and hammer as well as a bearing press to push it out I believe it is ... Read More »

Chris king ring drive lube

As far as the ring drive itself, I know you may optionally use oil to thin out the ring drive lubricant for cold weather riding, or use oil all by itself. As far as packing the bearings though: the CK documentation always specs the ring drive lube for the bearings. Is there any reason I can't j ... Read More »

Read More »




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