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Spray on and wipe off. Develeoped with the Boeing Aircraft Corporation, Boeshield T-9 Waterproof Lubricant will dissolve itself and flush out any other lubricant. Penetrates deeply to thoroughly coat inner pins and rollers. Dries to a clean Paraffin Wax film so it will not pick up dirt. Lubricates and protects for 150 to 200 miles per application.

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Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:3
Submitted by Stu a Cross Country Rider

Date Reviewed: July 31, 2012

Strengths:    Lasts a long time, clean, small amount goes a long way

Weaknesses:    Chain must be cleaned/ wiped off before re applying

Bottom Line:   
I got this stuff just before I took a bike tour applied it to a freshly cleaned chain it lasted 130km and would have lasted longer but we hit the check point and stopped for the night re sprayed and wiped off let sit over night work for another 130km the next day but lost my rag so the next two days I just re applied no wiping. 50km into the second day it got gummy and hard stopped to re lube no dry time, bad idea by km 80 into the 115 km ride it was I possable to shift without chain suck it was impassable to get the tar like gum off my drive rain when I finally got home

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Similar Products Used:   White lightning clean, Padros synthetic wet

Bike Setup:   Cannondale scalpel

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by stanleykowalski a Weekend Warrior

Date Reviewed: July 8, 2012

Strengths:    Not greasy-- more of a lubricating wax. Sticks good. Cheap if bought at the right place. Doesn't attract dirt.

Weaknesses:    none.

Bottom Line:   
Don't buy this at lbs. Buy it at a woodworking supply store. I got mine at woodworker's supply A big aerosol can for not much money. Faultless.

Woodworkers use this to dress the top of their table saws. Works great for that, too.

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Duration Product Used:   ten years

Purchased At:   Woodworker's Supply

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Kyle

Date Reviewed: June 1, 2012

Strengths:    4 ounce container goes a long way
Easy application
Multiple applications (chain, seat post, derailleurs and cables)

Weaknesses:    Cannnot find reason to complain regarding this product

Bottom Line:   
Would gladly recommend this to anyone who is serious about cycling whether it be road or mountain

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Purchased At:   Al's Quick Release B

Similar Products Used:   White Lightning

Bike Setup:   Stock "GT Avalanche 3.0 Disc"

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by xmessenger a Weekend Warrior from Victoria, BC

Date Reviewed: November 17, 2011

Strengths:    Can be used for many things. Aerosol spray penetrates. Not too sticky. Relatively durable. Doesn't wash off easily.

Weaknesses:    Hard to find. Takes time to set properly.

Bottom Line:   
Bought this originally to protect the frame but have used it on just about everything except the chain because I have Squirt on it and its the best wax/super clean lube I've found. Squirt is thick in application while T9 sprays in a fine liquid due to a solvent base-kinda like W30 but it sets up leaving a waxlike film that lubricates and protects. I hate the hassle of removing parts to lube them so this is great as it finds its way too all the hard to get places on V brakes, levers, shifters, derailleurs and my candy pedals. I think getting the big can was a good deal because it holds alot while having the benefit of a powerful spay plus an extension to reach hard to get areas. I have a feeling that despite being a fairly non sticky film it would attract fine dust particles but right now its November on the Pacific coast so that isn't an issue-protection is.

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Favorite Trail:   between the thighs of ...

Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

Price Paid:    $16.00

Purchased At:   kml tools

Similar Products Used:   WL,Finishline,pedos syn rd&mtn,ice wax,Phil's, Progold, Squirt, Duralube(yes the as seen on tv stuff) and wd30 when I was young and stupid.

Bike Setup:   Do it all. 1992 Rocky Team Comp w/ 96 TB Project 2,Syncros Cattleprod,Avid sd7 levers,m952 XTR Rear mech, original DX crank set and front mech,EC70 flat bar, WCS barends,FSA xc190 post, Shadow V saddle, Suntour thumbies rolling on new crossride wheels wrapped w/ 1 1/8" slicks.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Andrew Chan a Weekend Warrior from Singapore

Date Reviewed: May 6, 2011

Strengths:    Super clean, and long lasting for a Dry lub. I used to clean/relub (with dry or wetlub) I just want my chain to be clean everyride.(at least before the ride). I relubed after 270km without hearing the squeaks.

Weaknesses:    none so far, but i have yet to try it under a heavy downpour.

Bottom Line:   
I used to clean/relub (with dry or wetlub) I just want my chain to be clean everyride.(at least before the ride).Allowing to dry overnite is not an issue with me, however grip the chain firmly to wipe off excess (to be effective). And I find that if you run the chain thru a clean cloth at the end of first ride after relub, the second ride is even cleaner. At the end of a 70km ride, the LBS was helping me change Derailluers and a riding buddy picked up the chain and rubbed it on his face without leaving any mark. I will nvr use anything else again.

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Duration Product Used:   3 months

Price Paid:    $9.00

Similar Products Used:   Pedro's, Finishline, Prolink,

Bike Setup:   Orbea Orca

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by grizzo a Racer from Niagara Falls Canada

Date Reviewed: May 10, 2009

Strengths:    Long lasting and keeps off the dirt

Weaknesses:    none

Bottom Line:   
Learned about this from Bicyling Magazine. Couldn't get readily here so I called the distributor and bought a box to split with my riders. Not only have they been converted but the LBSs started to carry it. Clean the chain, put it on and ride the next day. Great for dispersing water after riding in the rain. Can't comment on off road riding but for road bikes this is the best product I've used so far and I have tried others since I bought this.

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Duration Product Used:   2 Years

Price Paid:    $9.00

Purchased At:   Direct from the Dist

Similar Products Used:   Pedro's Finish Line White Lightning

Bike Setup:   Pinorello Dogma

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by jibroii a Weekend Warrior from Colorado

Date Reviewed: January 15, 2009

Strengths:    Seems to work for days, when the directions are followed correctly. Start with a totally, 100% clean chain, apply lube, wipe off excess, let dry (2 hours or so), enjoy lots of full days of riding with out re-application. Once I came across this product no other research was necessary, one stop shopping, great all around chain and cable lube.

Weaknesses:    As with all "do it all" lubes, clean and re-apply after severe wet and muddy conditions. This is not really a weakness, but should be understood.

Bottom Line:   
If your looking for miracles, start praying. If you want a great lube, go get some.

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Favorite Trail:   Government

Duration Product Used:   More than 3 years

Price Paid:    $7.00

Purchased At:   Any Good Bike Shop

Similar Products Used:   Pedros, White Ltng, Prolink, Finishline, Tri-Flow

Bike Setup:   Custom build

Overall Rating:2
Value Rating:1
Submitted by Mocycler a Racer from Col. Mo. Boone

Date Reviewed: November 10, 2008

Strengths:    Nice dry lube for summer road riding except....

Weaknesses:    Extremely poor for winter mountain biking. Product becomes Very tacky in mid-30s F temperature and collects dirt,however the worst problem is that it becomes so sticky that it causes the chain to stick to the chain ring and chain-suck to the extent of jamming and wrapping around the bottom bracket! Not for cold weather use!

Bottom Line:   
Don't rely on this product for cold weather riding.

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Favorite Trail:   Pineridge

Duration Product Used:   6 months

Price Paid:    $9.00

Purchased At:   Klunk's Bike Shop

Similar Products Used:   Everything out there. Purple Extreme, White Lightening,Triflow,Pedros,etc.

Bike Setup:   S-works Epic M5,Specialized Epic M4,Tarmacs E5 Cannondale, Jamis Super Nova

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by mark hensley a Cross Country Rider from Venice, Ca

Date Reviewed: December 21, 2007

Strengths:    Doesn't seem to build up to much gunk on the drive-train. It's very easy to clean the chain and to re-apply.

Weaknesses:    Needs to be replaced after about 20 miles of dry dusty trails.

Bottom Line:   
I like this lube the best for my normal riding conditions. But it has gotten so dry this last year I have been forced to lube my drive-train after every ride over twenty miles or so. I just can't stand the sound of a squeaky chain.

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Favorite Trail:   Backbone

Duration Product Used:   1 Year

Price Paid:    $6.00

Purchased At:   Cynergy Cycles

Similar Products Used:   Pedros, white lightning and tri flow

Bike Setup:   08' Specialized S-Works Epic Carbon Disc,Sram x-o shifters,Cross max rims, Fox RLT F-100 and Attac xc pedals.

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Zoom a Weekend Warrior from Lenexa

Date Reviewed: November 8, 2007

Strengths:    A truly top-shelf lube. My review is on the big can of aerosol spray lube.

Weaknesses:    My can is slow to shut off. When I release the knob on the spray can it takes a couple seconds to stop spraying lube. But this might just be a bad can and my usual luck. You might take a couple test-sprays at the shop you're buying it at to make sure it isn't typical of these cans. But the product itself is amazing. I'm gonna withhold one flamin' chili based on my experience with my particular can because of the slow shut off. But like I said, maybe I just got a bum can.

Bottom Line:   
Make sure that if you buy this lube that you clean your chain really, really well. Then apply it, wait a couple hours before riding and then do NOT reapply it for a long time! I made the mistake of thinking this stuff was like all the other cheap-ass, over-priced lubes out there that make claims of lasting a long time only to wear off after a couple rides. This stuff really does last a while. I ended up spraying my chain prior to each ride for about 5 or 6 rides and ended up with a bunch of build up. But I cleaned the chain and applied it correctly and now I'm back in business.

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Favorite Trail:   Any trail I'm on

Duration Product Used:   3 months

Price Paid:    $25.00

Similar Products Used:   White Lightning, Pro Lube, Pedros, Chain Wax, you name it.

Bike Setup:   Doesn't matter

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Shawn a Weekend Warrior from Laconia NH USA

Date Reviewed: October 25, 2007

Strengths:    Keeps Drivetrain Clean.

Weaknesses:    None Yet Just make sure you lube and wait two hours to dry.

Bottom Line:   
This stuff is Amazing. You can ride all day through the mud, dirt, leaves, etc. And just rinse off and your ready for your next ride. You don't have to keep applying after every ride. You will be amazed at how clean it keeps your drivetrain.

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Duration Product Used:   6 months

Purchased At:   Piche's

Similar Products Used:   Pro Link, TriFlo

Overall Rating:2
Value Rating:2
Submitted by Matt a Cross Country Rider from Pocatello, ID

Date Reviewed: September 22, 2007

Strengths:    clean; goes on nicely, easy to work with

Weaknesses:    longevity

Bottom Line:   
This stuff is nice to work with and is super clean, but it lasts me 2 rides at most, in dry hardpack conditions (and this is just my daily trail outing, not a marathon). I did all the proper chain prep and follow the instructions to a T, but it just doesn't last, and regardless of all the claims, washes off rather easily.

I definitely rank it over the Pedro's wax lubes, but I think I will get White Lightning after this bottle is gone, I can get about twice as many rides out of one lubing with that (which still isn't a lot, but the dry lubes are worth it to me).

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Duration Product Used:   3 months

Similar Products Used:   Pedro's Ice-Wax; Pedro's Extra-Dry; White Lightning; Tri-flow

Bike Setup:   Ibis mojo - xtr

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by joey aldrich a Weekend Warrior from Haslett, mi, usa

Date Reviewed: March 25, 2006

Strengths:    It works Really well ant the can I bought will last me a long time.

Weaknesses:    The small aerosol can cost $12, but its top of the line so its worth the price.

Bottom Line:   
This it the best lube you could possibly buy but it comes at a price.

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Favorite Trail:   burchfield

Duration Product Used:   6 months

Price Paid:    $12.00

Purchased At:   Central Park Bikes

Similar Products Used:   WD-40

Bike Setup:   2005 hardrock disc w. hayes disc and SPD's

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Larry from Los Angeles, CA, USA

Date Reviewed: December 14, 2005

Strengths:    It penetrates well, it's a water displacer and rust preventer, it lasts longer than other lubes and holds up very well in sloppy conditions, it stays fairly clean in dry conditions and decently clean in sloppier conditions, it's available in both aerosol and the typical "drip" bottles, it also works well on derailleurs, pivots, etc.

Weaknesses:    Works best when it's given at least 2 hrs to dry (after which excess is wiped off.) This means it's not conducive to using right before you ride (although I sometimes do this in a pinch.)

Bottom Line:   
I recently tried a bunch of different chain lubes (ProGold, White Lightning, Tri-flow, Boeshield T-9, Rock-n-Roll, etc.) I found that the "cleaner" lubes, while being okay for dry conditions, did not hold up well in wet conditions. ProGold was the "cleanest" lube (thin, easy to apply, did not gunk up at all) but it did not hold up well in wetter conditions at ALL. The "typical" wax based lubes tend not to last too well in wet, muddy conditions either. The one lube that in my experience had the best overall performance was Boeshield T-9.

Boeshield is not as clean as the cleanest lubes (like ProGold) but it's really not too bad -- it does get a little gunky in wet conditions, but it's not nearly as bad as other lubes in this respect, and in dry conditions it actually stays relatively clean. Of all the lubes I tried, The Boeshield held up the best in sloppy conditions -- it's the only one that could get a bit muddy and still remain lubed after the mud washed off and/or dried. The other lubes all resulted in a squeaking chain after sloppy conditions, but not the Boeshield.

With the Boeshield, after a dirty ride I can blast the hose over the chain and wipe it down in order to do a "quick" cleaning. Unlike other lubes, the chain is still generally lubed after I do this (although I like to relube at this point just to be thorough.)

While my tests were by no means "scientific," I did try to give each lube a decent amount of time before formulating any opinion. I used each lube over a period of time while riding in the same general areas, sometimes going through more than one bottle before switching. In the end, the Boeshield ended up being the one I am currently sticking with. It penetrates well, it's a water displacer and rust preventer, it lasts longer than other lubes and holds up well in sloppy conditions, and it stays fairly clean in dry conditions and decently clean in sloppier conditions. It also works well for derailleurs, pivots, etc.

The one thing that I 'thought' would be a problem with Boeshield is that you're supposed to let it dry for two hours, then wipe the excess off before using it. Apparently, the solvent that it uses in order to achieve good penetration takes a while to dry. I thought this would be a problem, but it turns out that it's not hard to get in the habit of cleaning or lubing the chain AFTER a ride rather than right before. That said, I do sometimes lube, wipe, and ride without giving it the full drying time and it still seems to work okay -- it just gets a little more dirty.

There are a lot of differing opinions on chain lube, so you need to try them yourself to see which works best for you given your specific needs and riding conditions.

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Duration Product Used:   3 months

Similar Products Used:   Pro Gold, White Lightning, Rock'n'Roll, Tri-flow.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by B Griffith a Weekend Warrior from Columbus Ohio

Date Reviewed: June 21, 2005

Strengths:    Keeps chain running like new
Sets up as a wax which repels dirt and water.
Easy to apply
Last for many rides and still the chain stays pretty clean.

Weaknesses:    Some say waiting over night is a weakness and yes maybe it is. But anything you apply right before riding is going on wet and yes it will be a dirt magnet. But with this product its well worth the wait. (over night)

Bottom Line:   
This lube is awesome and I wouldnt waste my money trying any other product. I know this stuff works as it says.

This lube was designed by Boeing Aircraft. Why trust anything else out there.

Well worth the money and the performance.

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Favorite Trail:   Any

Duration Product Used:   3 months

Price Paid:    $5.00

Similar Products Used:   None. I was told from the beginning from a bike tech who has used many products and he wont use anything but this Lube.

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