Sigma Sport Micro Lights

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Product Description

The colorful SIGMA MICROs are practical, useful, and let you be seen everywhere. The flexible velcro strap and the uni-fit strap mount to nearly anything: bicycles, helmets, strollers, backpacks, dog collars, boats, an arm or leg while running or in-line
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2012 Marzocchi 55 TST Micro Switch TA - how to self-service

Hey everyone - Thanks for taking the time to read. I'm in a real state of frustration right now, hoping someone on here might be able to help me out. I have a 2012 55 TST Micro STA that I love, but just want to change the oil, swap oil/dust seals, and completely clean it out. I've seen Ronnie Di ... Read More »

How much parts interchange is there between micro, mini, junior?

I've got a just-turned-4 year old and a 5-almost-6 year old (be 6 starting this coming racing season) who I need to get some racing bikes for. One bike alone is expensive enough, nevermind two! I will either need two minis or one mini, one micro, depending on how the younger one measures. I thi ... Read More »

Micro-mini (complete) options?

I don't have the spare parts around to buy a frame and build one, so I may probably be buying a complete. Shooting for a good used deal, but looking at new. The Googles don't offer very much when you're searching for manufacturers of Micros. What I've found so far: Redline Flight Micro [u ... Read More »

Intense Micro Knobby MK2

Hi all, I'm riding an Orange Alpine 160 set up with Fox Van 36s. It only ever used to get used off road, but since having a nasty spill on my road bike in London on my daily commute, I've been using it to get across London in the morning and evening. I'm running Panaracer Uff'Da tyres at the moment ... Read More »

1L/32oz Golden Spectro 5w oil... trade for a 6'er of micro brew

Hoping someone here can find a use for this. Got a brand new, in plastic, never opened 1L/32oz bottle of Golden Spectro 5w oil. Wrong weight for me, got no use for it. Trade for a 6'er of micro brew. Colorado Kolsch is nice this time of year. Hell, I love me some Banquet...Read More »

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