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As the nights are drawing in i thought id treat myself to some new lights....iv seen and like the LEZYNE FEMCO at my local dealer at around £25 a pair....but went for a brouse online first to see what else was available.... Then i found LEZYNE ZECTO.... There were 3 store listing them online b ... Read More »

Day-Time Running Lights on a Bike ?

new cars all pretty much have daytime running lights. and bike lights today are as bright as car lights so why not daytime running bike lights ? of course it would be dumb for example to run button cell powered spoke lights in the day because nobody would see them and then you need to buy new bu ... Read More »

bar end lights - is there any point ?

i don't think i see the point in these lights - is there ? if i was going to get some for my MTB it would probably be these ( Trek Beacon ) : [url]http://revolutioncycles.com/images/library/large/trek_402908_08_m.jpg[/url] because they're designed for MTB bar ( LED aimed sideways instead of ... Read More »

Bar end lights / blinkers

I just bought bar end lights to enhance my night riding visibility. I saw these when I rode with a friend who has a set during one night ride. I was amazed at the complete profile of the bike can be seen even from afar. It's like navigational lights for boats. Drivers can see exactly where the bike' ... Read More »

What makes a bike lights video useful ?

I am reasonably happy with my light setup at the moment, but there are two slight tweaks which i would like to make to it. IF i go through with these tweaks then i would probably like to make a new video of the lights ... Which brings the question - what makes a bike lights video useful ? ... Read More »

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