Planet Bike Super Spot Lights

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MSRP : $29.00

Product Description

  • Our brightest LED headlight
  • A one watt LED illuminates your way
  • Weather resistant construction
  • QuickCam bracket mounts, adjusts or removes without tools

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SC Super Enduro spot for sale

Cross-post, see: [url=]SC Super Enduro spot for sale-[/url]Read More »

SC Super Enduro spot for sale

Broke my finger, gotta bail on the race. Was really looking forward to laying the smack down on my super heavy, old-school 26'er, 7" of coil-travel-having Enduro (tm) Machine, but hey them's the breaks. Cost is $110 ($95 + processing fee + $10 transfer fee). Paypal preferred. PM m ... Read More »

Anyone Need SC Super Enduro Race Spot?

Probably can't make it. Know anyone who's interested? Message me and I'll give you my PayPal address and I'll make the transfer.Read More »

Modding a Planet Bike Super Spot?

So while I have been figuring out what I am going to order to make my achesalot style light, I decided to pick up a Super Spot to keep me a bit safer while just on the road these days. However, now I have been bitten by the mod bug... Upon taking a quick look at the light here are some thoughts ... Read More »

Video of our new ride spot!!!!! super fun!

whats up mtbr homeys? I scouted this rad spot out last week on the mx for like an hour. The next weekend I went out there with a few good buddies and proceeded to make the possibility of sweet lines and drops come true. We spent a solid day out there digging and chopping and cutting to create 4 ... Read More »

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