Nightlightning Blaast Lights

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This Blaast! uses a high efficiency switch mode driver with no advanced options like fuel gauge/flasher modes etc. But we have set the drive current at 1000ma (Can supply at 700ma) for the maximum brightness. Simple on/off switch. Comes in the DCM format only. For those who want the most light and minimum extras. Huge SSC P4 LED power!

Optional flood optics available, easy to change over.
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Night Lightning Mini-blaast and Batteryspace 14.8v battery problem

My wife has a Night Lightning Mini-blaast, (Triple R2) which I think has a b-flex 1 in there. She also has lots of nice 14.8v Batteryspace Li-ion battery packs, all waterproofed. One thing she found at a 24 hour orienteering race last weekend is that the battery just blacks out when it's get ... Read More »

Ayup / Blaast opinions

Hi just after some quick advice on ayup and Blaast lights I've seen the websites and beam shots just after some opinions from users. I'm in the UK and about to order one or the other. If i order the Blaast light and source the battery elsewhere from a mate then they work out about the same as ... Read More »

Any opinions on Blaast LED lights?

I am considering one of the Blaast line of led light heads for helmet mounting. 720 lumens, nice light spread, sounds like a great deal. Not having a machine shop, I don't think I can build a compact enough unit at that brightness to helmet mount. Any thoughts? It runs 3 P4s, and is very upgradeable ... Read More »

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