Light On Tail Light Lights

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MSRP : $65.00

Product Description

  • Dynamo Powered LED Tail Light with seat post and rack mount.
  • Stand light operates at 1/5th brightness for several minutes after you stop moving.
  • 15 lumens (4,500 microcandela) from dynamo power
  • 1/2 inch tall, 3/4 inch diameter
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible only with Light On! DynoLight
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    Looking for inexpensive tail light or front and rear lights to give away to riders

    I'm looking to find inexpensive but durable lights to give away to riders in the area where I live. I have seen too many cyclists around here who don't seem to realize how dangerous it is to ride on these winding mountain roads without at least a tail light. I might also give away some to the local ... Read More »

    $3.00 homebuilt tail light

    old camera lens from Goodwill, old red bike reflector, dollar store flashlight parts. Its bright. Looks like a part of the mad scientist's lab in a 1950s low budget, independent, Japanese horror film. [ATTACH=CONFIG]915650[/ATTACH]Read More »

    Lightweight AAA batteries for tail light

    I saved 7.2g going from 2 standard Duracell AAA batteries to the Energizer AAA Lithium type in my Princeton Tec blinky tail light on my road bike. Hey....every little bit counts! :thumbsup:Read More »

    MagicShine tail light with GoPro adapter

    Recently a forum user got some of my light to GoPro mount adapters. One was attached to his MS tail light. Fit very nicely and makes a rock solid mount compared to the OEM rubber band mount.Read More »

    Need help with tail light selection

    This is for my road bike. I was using a PB Superflash but it fell off the seat bag strap and lost it. Now I realize I would like something brighter and with a wider angle. Also would like to mount to seatpost (less likely to fall off) but I only have a few inches of space there. Here is what I ha ... Read More »

    Read More »




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