Lezyne Mini Drive Lights

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When you're looking for a light that's particularly small and light, easy to install and remove in a hurry, and packs a bright beam, the Lezyne Mini Drive Light is your ticket. It's the smallest of their LED lights and will barely be noticed on your handlebars or sitting in your pack, but when you click it on, it delivers a punch that beats back the night.Lezyne works with Cree for the LED bulb. They take that bulb and insert it in the middle of a mirror-finish parabolic reflector dish that, when paired with the lens, creates a focused central beam for distance viewing and diffused light for near and wide-angle viewing. This creates more useful light in what they call a Uniform Power Beam.The light comes with a standard lithium ion battery that can be charged in the unit via a USB cable, which is included, and be swapped for a spare battery if you're on the road. On high, the Mini Drive shoots 150 lumens of light and has a burn time of 1 hour. Medium is 100 lumens and 1.5 hours, low is 50 lumens and three hours, flash 1 is 4 hours, flash 2 is 4.5 hours. Charge time is 3 hours.The Lezyne Mini Drive Light is 84mm long and is 30mm in diameter at the mount. It comes with: 25.4mm and 31.8mm clamp brackets, mini-B USB charging cable, and Lezyne LRI123A lithium ion rechargeable battery. The mounting bracket is easy to adjust vertically and has16 degrees of horizontal yaw on either side of centered. It comes in High-Polish Black.
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Lezyne Mini Drive Pro Review

The Mini Drive is a self-contained light that claims 150 lumens. It uses a Cree emitter that is housed in an all aluminum case for heat dissipation. The battery is a standard lithium cell that can be replaced on the trail. The rear of the light unscrews easily much like a traditional flashlight and the battery can be replaced with a fresh one for longer run time. The Mini Drive is the bottom of the line of a family of three lights from Lezyne. It retails for $70 and puts out a claimed 150 lumens. Continue reading →

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