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Giant Recon .3 Lights

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Product Description

  • 3 W super-bright (Nichia) LED
  • Dual mode, Steady and Flashing
  • Quick Release design
  • Adjustable horizontal angle

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Servicing RockShox Recon Gold TK & Monarch RT 3

Hi Everyone! Couple questions here. I'm a newb so I hope you guys will be gentle with me as I learn this hobby! [ATTACH=CONFIG]929173[/ATTACH] This is the service interval of Recon forks. 1.) What maintenance procedures are considered "lower servicing?" 2.) It says to perform the maintenance af ... Read More »

How to setup Rockshox Monarch RT 3/Recon Gold TK 29 Servicing

Hi, I have a brand new Rockshox Monarch RT 3 and would like to adjust it, but couldn't find anything online besides the service manual. Can anyone please tell me what psi I should set the air at? I'm 140 lbs. Also, what is floodgate? I heard that I have to adjust sag with floodgate open, but what ... Read More »

Dart 3 to Recon 351 U Turn...loosing preload...

Is it worth it to loose preload by going from a dart 3 to a recon 351 u turn?Read More »

Rock Shox Recon to Drop off 3

My buddy has a rock shox recon, and after riding my fork (marz z1 150mm) he liked the more stiff and beafy feel. He rides a 2007 trek fuel 7 or 8. He found a Drop Off 3 for a great price, 130mm of travel just like the recon, but coil instead of air. I know it is going to be heavier, but will ... Read More »

Marzocchi MZ 3 vs. Recon 351 Air (travel) ??

SO today I went out and measured the travel between two forks. The first is on my specialized hardrock pro hardtail. It says it only has 100mm of travel (Marzocchi MZ III) but it measures out to the same amount of travel as my RockShox Recon 351 Air which is 130mm (Trek Fuel EX7). I am confused : ... Read More »

Read More »




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