Bontrager Ion 2 Lights

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The Ion series is designed with the unique needs of cyclists in mind with weather resistant bodies, multiple beam modes and a wide range of visibility. The Ion 2 includes a bright white 1W LED and Bontrager's new Sync2 bracket. 20+ hours of run time capable via three AAA batteries (included).
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Trek Ion CX or Focus Mares AX 2.0

Looking to add a Cyclocross bike and I think it has come down to these 2 bikes. Both bikes are about the same price and would come from the same bike shop so it just comes down to the bikes. I am leaning towards the Trek since it has fender mounts. I am not sure I would ever use them but just in ... Read More »

Will Schwalbe Racing Ralph or Nobby Nic in 2.4 fit ion EMD?

Hi there, will either a Schwalbe Racing Ralph or Nobby Nic in 2.4 fit on the EMD9? I know that Niner ships the complete bikes with Continetal Mountain King 2.4 as an option, but if i remember correct the Continental tyres are generally smaller than others? Thanks!Read More »

G-Boxx 2 + Ion G-Boxx 2 discontinued

According to a recently posted e-mail from NICOLAI resp. UNIVERSAL TRANSMISSIONS in the NICOLAI manufacturer´s forum at the German IBC ([URL=""][/URL]) the G-Boxx 2 as well as the Ion G-Boxx 2 unfortunately were disconti ... Read More »

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Any reason I can't series 2 li-ion packs?

I have a pair of 11.1v 2200mah packs, and a couple of Achesalot doubles. Now I'm building a MR11 triple, and need a larger voltage pack. I know that in theory I could wire up a intermediate y-connector that would connect both packs in series to make a 22.2v 2200mah pack as far as the light kno ... Read More »

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