Blackburn Grid Lights

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The Blackburn Grid Front Bolt-On Light is the ultimate get-me-home light; more powerful than tiny strap-on lights, and infinitely more secure. With 2-bolt mounting it stays in place, resisting rough roads and casual pilferage alike. So you can count on it
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Maxxis Ardent UST vs Specialized Ground Control Grid UST tire for AM bike?

I'm having a hard time deciding between which of the two to use for the upcoming summer season riding and some Enduros. I plan to use as a rear tire for my +34lb AM bike that I ride pretty hard (Banshee Rune V2) and require the extra sidewall protection with UST sidewall on the rear wheel, whereas ... Read More »

OTG (off the grid) for a little bit

All, I am going to be out of the office traveling for the next two weeks and will, more than likely, be off the grid starting tomorrow 3.26.2013. During that time my presence here on MTBR will be very minimal, if at all. Its doubtful that I will be replying to any posts or private messages un ... Read More »

Plastic grid thingie for wet sections?

I have been to a few trails that have a plastic honey comb grid thing set into the dirt on sections that tend to hold water. Does anyone know where i can get something like that? Wish i had a picture of one to post, but i don't.Read More »

Tire side wall cuts - GRID vs. ARMADILLO

So last week I tore the side wall on my 3rd spec fast trak control :madman: in the past 4 months. Partially it's my sloppy riding style, I brake too late on turns and like to slide out the rear tire - it's probably moving laterally too much to meet sharp, loose rocks... ... but there's got to ... Read More »

Sealant in Grid tires,makes sense ?

Specialized Grid tires are so bullet proof it makes me wonder if it's really worth it to bother into using sealant. What you say ? Better safe than sorry ?Read More »

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