Blackburn Click Rear Lights

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Product Description

Don't start your ride home without a Blackburn Click Tail Light alerting those behind you of your presence.
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rear wheel click

i've got about 75 hours of ride time on an HDR and it has developed a clicking sound and feel in the rear wheel. its most noticeable when leaning the bike over to the left and weighting the back while riding. but I can also feel the clicking resonating through to my crank/pedals as I coast straight ... Read More »

X9 shifter and rear derailleur extra click?

So I was working on a family members bike. It has x9 click shifters and a x9 rear derailleur. The hanger was bent so I used a dag-2 to adjust it. So then I started working on the derailleur and didn't actually have to do much to it. It shifted fine all the way up to the biggest cog but then once the ... Read More »

Click/clunk in Dawg rear linkage

I have a 2005 dawg deeluxe and have recently noticed a small bit of play where the rocker link meets the seatstays. Is this normal and I just never noticed it? Or is there a bushing in there that might need to be replaced? It's vertical only, no side to side. Thanks!Read More »

XT rear hub click

I have a new rear XT hub that makes a single click per rotation when freewheeling. It goes away when I pedal (don't be silly, I can't pedal ALL the time so that won't help). So, I took off the cogset to see if I could feel this. Sure enough, I can feel a click just like when freewheeling with the bi ... Read More »

Click coming from rear brake

So i've noticed this problem for a while and last night i finally did some investigating. I noticed (when waiting around for friends, not riding) than when i leaned on my bike there would be this click or creak kind of noise coming from the back end. I thought it may be a cracked frame or something ... Read More »

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