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Avenir City Combo Lightset is a combination high power headlight/easy to see taillight combo. It uses less power then most industry lightsets to save you money on batteries and hospital bills.

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Haw Ridge or Knoxville Urban Wilderness

I will be spending a day in the Knoxville are next week and am looking for an enjoyable ride. These two trails seem to have the most available mileage, but looking for some input from locals. Which of the two trails system listed above should I hit? Is there something better in the area? Als ... Read More »

Tire recommendations for Urban environment?

Hello everyone, i am looking to replace my worn out [FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#4d4d4d]WTB Prowler: 29 x 2.1 tires, i need something that has less rolling resistance, the ground i ride on is mostly concrete, tarmac but the road around here is not that great i do get off track occasionally, so i would ... Read More »

Super excited about my new 2015 Light&Motion Urban 800......

Picked up one last week at a fairly good price. Got one on rider discount. It's super bright and has a fast charge. It states it takes at least 2.5 hours to be fully charged. I've always liked Light&Motion. Also made in the USA. One reason I bought it. I know it's only 800 lumens. I believe it's mor ... Read More »

So I just don't get the attitude. You urban folk, chime in.

Cal passed its 3 foot law. WA is talking about it. But FB friends of mine are all up in arms about how if bicyclists want more protective laws then they have to be licensed and/or have license plates. The logical connection escapes me. Two separate issues with different considerations. Not if A ... Read More »

Urban/suburban ride report on Floyd's

I had a couple of errands to run, one place just a couple miles from home, and the other clear across town. I guess the ride was about 30 miles total, ~15 road, 10 crushed gravel bike path, with a couple miles of dirt roads thrown in for good measure. Figured I'd take the pug just to keep things in ... Read More »

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