Polar F7 Heart Rate Monitor

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Fitness just got way more fun (and precise) with Polar's F7. It ensures you're working at the right intensity to maximize efficiency and to get the...

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Is this cannondale f7 caad co2 bike any good

Was gonna buy this cannondale f7 Co2 Caad bike but is it any good ? All i know has 24 gears shimano alvio rear der glt pro suspension or forks with lock out double disk not a very good bike expert is this a good bike or give it a miss also how much is it worth ?Read More »

Canonndale CO2 F7 geometry? Please help!

Hello friends! I am going to buy Canonndale CO2 F7 frame. Large size. But I can't find it geometry (size chart). Be so kind, help me.Read More »

Need help with road wheels/tires for Cannondale F7 disc

Hey all I have an F7 with disc brakes I bought a few years ago and instead of buying a road bike I was thinking of getting new wheel/tires to switch on them for my road biking days. I am really new to this so if anyone can point me in the right direction of what I should be looking for as far as si ... Read More »

road wheels/tires for Cannondale F7 disc

Hey guys newbie here and I need some help. I have a Cannondale F7 with disc brakes and would like to put some road wheels/tires on it so I can switch them in and out depending on where I am riding. Do any of you guys do this or just buy a road bike as well?? Are the wheels hard to change in and o ... Read More »

F7 Questions - HELP!

Hey all, I'm a newb here and am looking for some input on my 2009 F7. I'm a heavy rider and manage to break my cranks 3 times. BGI in Indianapolis replaced them for free under the bikes warantee however the cranks don't match now. I also managed to break 10 spokes on my rear tire doing the ... Read More »

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