Ciclosport HAC 4 Heart Rate Monitor

3.67/5 (15 Reviews)
MSRP : $250.00

Product Description

  • Heart-Rate
  • Altimeter (barometric)
  • Bike computer
  • Sportwatch
  • Night-Light Display
  • Temperature (current, min, max)
  • Speed for skiers / snowboarders (current, average, max.)
  • 64 hours storage
  • PC - Evaluation (as component)

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    User Reviews

    Overall Rating:3
    Value Rating:2
    Submitted by Don a Cross Country Rider from Lafayette,CA

    Date Reviewed: October 31, 2007

    Strengths:    Captures lots of data. Powerful little ciclo. Software is very encompassing.

    Weaknesses:    Had to buy the cadence sensor and lead to gain Watts/Power rating. The plug in for the cadence wire broke after one ride...I had to solder it and then use heat gun glue to hold it and protect it. The mounting for an MTB is suspect at best...better set for a Road bike, but he profile is very high and looks like hell on my carbon De Rosa.
    Nothing is intuitive on the button controls and the software is nothing less than scary for anyone uninitiated in trying to decipher a Mercedes Benz/Audi technical manual.
    When you download, you have to be certain that you set the connections right for whihc COM you use as this device can allow for about 3..even though your computer probably has 6 USBs. Pick one and use that one for the download carriage. You have to download all of the files on the ciclo each time..not just selected files...why??? It's german, that's why.

    Bottom Line:   
    If you are looking to gain Power/Watts..this is a good alternative to a Powertap. If you just need basics with the ability to download and monitor your progress, Polar has a far better set-up.
    HAC4's mount is flimsy at best and the user interface for both the ciclometer and the well...cryptic.
    I use the HAC for MTB exclusively and allows me to send the other group riders a read out.
    The new GPS Garmin products are now providing a better picture in 3D.

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    Duration Product Used:   2 Years

    Price Paid:    $200.00

    Purchased At:   used on eBay

    Similar Products Used:   polar CS 200, Garmin 350.

    Bike Setup:   MTB. GF Sugar 1, XTR, SID Race, Avid Juicy, X717 disc..25LBS of dirty love.
    Road bike, De Rosa Avant, DA + FSA carbon, HED.

    Overall Rating:3
    Value Rating:2
    Submitted by Steven McCauoey a Cross Country Rider from Newark

    Date Reviewed: March 26, 2007

    Strengths:    Multitude of functions. Software download of stats VERY useful. Altitude profile with stats overlay (heartrate, temp, incline, etc) very nice. Monthly and year balance charts great for tracking progress.

    Weaknesses:    Mouting hardware is a joke. Had to bolster it with zip ties. Mounts for wireles wheel transmitter and display module broke after 9 months from vibration. Software GUI is HORRIBLE. Very non - intuitive. Ride time stop watch zeros at 10 hours...and zeros out rides miles too!

    Bottom Line:   

    Very nice functionality but the software needs to be re-done.
    USB interface is very slow and poor. Overpriced.
    Mounting hardware not robust enough.

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    Duration Product Used:   1 Year

    Price Paid:    $250.00

    Purchased At:   EBay

    Similar Products Used:   Avocet - 50

    Bike Setup:   Road bike. Used for long distance tours.

    Overall Rating:1
    Value Rating:1
    Submitted by Matt from Ajax

    Date Reviewed: September 28, 2006

    Strengths:    -All in one hr/altimiter/bike functions

    Weaknesses:    -Customer Support

    Bottom Line:   
    Ok, So where do i begin... I got this little toy for christmas, i open the box and the battery is dead. Ok, fine. so i replace the battery. I go out for my first ride (im in southern ontario) in January and it freezes up and dies (well, it was cold, but if its gunna die in the winter, why all the ski/snowboard functions?!?!). So i come home and pull the new battery out and pop it back in to get it running. Then.. i go to take my bike off my repair stand and one of the buttons falls off!

    I work at a shop so i was able to call our distributor (Veltec USA). They sent me a new face plate. But, the face plate they sent me was the wrong one... ok. So i took a button off the one they sent me and put it on the old one. Everything was great from there.

    Then one day im reading our new catalog and realize "wait, my parents bought the PLUS version, wheres my cadence and download stuff?!?" so after searching around the shop, we realize that Veltec had shipped us the wrong one, we got a regualr instead of a Plus. So back on the phone to Veltec to get the hardware. They shipped me the software, but no hardware... Well, what good is that???

    By this time were well into the season so i lost intrest in fighting with them. Then in Augest it dies AGAIN and wont re-load. So i ship it back and they ship me a new one. The new one agian comes with a dead battery and the altitude/temperature sensors are WAY off. So, They then ten tell me wait until just before Interbike and they'll ship me a new Hac 5. So thats cool.

    So last week i call them and ask about the Hac 5's. Oh, wait... their purchase order is for JANUARY 2007!! So, its either send it back and wait or sit with a dud hr monitor.

    The problem is still on going to this day.

    Bottom Line, DO NOT under any cercomstances buy this product!!! if you would like all these features, wait until the Hac 5 comes out, from what i have seen it should be MUCH better...Or, buy a Garmin GPS or Polar

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    Duration Product Used:   1 Year

    Similar Products Used:   Polar

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:4
    Submitted by Jason MacDonnell a Weekend Warrior from Oceanside

    Date Reviewed: July 12, 2005

    Strengths:    Wonderful device for HR and PWR training, use it with GPS device (eTrex) to get lots of training info on any bike I ride. Whatever I can't get on HAC, I use from GPS in Excel spreadsheet by matching fields of data. Perfect for the geeky cyclist! Love being able to change batteries, no sending it away. Pretty straight forward hardware, software takes a bit of thumbing through but is very useful. Great training journals in ciclotour and ciclotrainer.

    Weaknesses:    Vulnerable on handlebar, loose in carriage. Lots of scrolling to get specific info, but with good planning...all you need.
    When I changed the battery, the altimeter/temperature went crazy. 3 year warranty, so it was replaced. Changed the battery again, and guess what? Same problem. Bad luck or user error? Replaced again but if goes bad a 3rd time, I will have to decide whether or not to go to Polar.

    Bottom Line:   
    Absolutely love the product...If it would remain in working order. Best used on roller trainer for road riding, very consistent data analysis for HR and cadence/speed improvement. Not as useful to me in MTB since vitals and terrain are very erratic. Still many functions on it that I have yet to learn about. Highly recommend it, but be aware of faults.

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    Favorite Trail:   Planet Earth

    Duration Product Used:   2 Years

    Price Paid:    $420.00

    Purchased At:   SuperGo

    Bike Setup:   Giant MTB (old school modified ATX 770), Giant Road (extremely upgraded OCR 2).

    Overall Rating:2
    Value Rating:2
    Submitted by Luke a Cross Country Rider from The Netherlands

    Date Reviewed: June 12, 2003

    Strengths:    All functions in one. Altutude, heart rate and bike functions.

    Weaknesses:    Customer support.

    Bottom Line:   
    After having used this product happily for more than a year the bike functions suddenly stopped working. I sent it in for repair through my local bike shop over two months ago and the only answer I get is that they are working on it.

    While I was very happy with this HAC 4 I'm now very disappointed about the customer support. They offer a three year guarantee on this product. I hope I have mine back before these three years are passed.......

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    Duration Product Used:   1 Year

    Price Paid:    $300.00

    Purchased At:   local bike shop

    Similar Products Used:   Ciclosport CPL-10, Polar

    Bike Setup:   Cannondale F1000SL

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:3
    Submitted by Richard a Weekend Warrior from Wales UK

    Date Reviewed: September 26, 2002

    Strengths:    57 Features, Altitude measurement, measures every 20s

    Weaknesses:    Slips in mount on bike slightly so that speed stops registering. Not very easy to press both buttons at once to put in "flags" on computer - should adopt the Polar way and when laps are pressed it automatically marks them. No diary option link in from software (like Polar) and no reports

    Bottom Line:   
    Got this as a freebie to try out .... they say dont look a gift horse in the mouth well I am. Better than Polar in that speed info is more like cycle computer when it works, and altitude and 20s sampling is great. (although at RRP the Polar S710 would be comparison and for me that would have the edge) Not the prettiest either but I like the scale rep so that you can see what your trip looked like. GOOD but can be improved.

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    Favorite Trail:   any when i work too hard

    Duration Product Used:   3 months

    Similar Products Used:   Polar S510

    Bike Setup:   KLEIN

    Overall Rating:2
    Value Rating:3
    Submitted by richard a Cross Country Rider from New Orleans, LA, USA

    Date Reviewed: August 16, 2002

    Strengths:    Very simple to use. Tonnes of features 57( more than I need). Best of all 2 training zones and a countdown as well as a bar graph showing the HR within the min and max limits. Hence you can watch your speed, HR and altitude at the same time.

    Weaknesses:    Sticky buttons - sometimes remains depressed and you have to slide a fingernail beneath to release.
    Transmitter on the fork is fixed by zip ties - a poor solution for such an expensive item and it does not work too well.
    The handle bar mounts and the mechanism which holds on the watch is disasterous. I just lost my HAC 4 today while road cycling over a bumpy/rutted section. I spent hours searching the 1/2mile section looking for it.
    I can't find any one who will sell just the HAC4 without all hte bits and pieces I dont need. The PRICE in USA is almost twice what I paid back home !!

    Bottom Line:   
    Great Item but expensive. I had the red and blue Classic with the poor mountings. If that was improved (which I think it has) I'd say it was an Good buy for 250USD. But I have to give it a fair rating due to the mounts and the fact that if that fails you are likely to lose it.

    customer service - I can't comment on as I've not found anyone yet !

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    Duration Product Used:   2 Years

    Price Paid:    $180.00

    Purchased At:   bikepro center - Malaysia

    Similar Products Used:   None, this is my first HRM

    Bike Setup:   Unknown TI frame, Ultegra, Open Pro, look fork.

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:4
    Submitted by Geraldo Zaccaria a Cross Country Rider from Gaillard - France

    Date Reviewed: May 3, 2002

    Strengths:    Many functions (Altim, HRM, Speed, T°)
    Easy to use
    Easy transfer of data to PC with the specific software

    Weaknesses:    No display of HRM in % of the max heart rate
    Data record lap time 20 seconds (whereas Polar 710 offers 1 record each 5s)

    Bottom Line:   
    Great device when you can transfer your data to a PC with the specific software (which costs approx. $70)

    Even if this product is really great, there are some weaknesses :
    - it is impossible to display the heart rate as a % of the max heart rate
    - data record time could be improve (each 20s)

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    Duration Product Used:   6 months

    Price Paid:    $230.00

    Purchased At:   Local Dealer in Switzerland

    Similar Products Used:   None

    Bike Setup:   Lapierre Ultimate X Control Scandium
    Full XTR
    Use Alien Carbon seatpost

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Jarda a Cross Country Rider from Brno, Czech Republic

    Date Reviewed: September 4, 2001

    Strengths:    Mentioned before.

    Weaknesses:    After a couple rides i discover, why it sometimes stop to display proper speed. Trensmitter on fork slip down a bit and magnet mounted on spokes goes out of range of transmitter detector. Better fastening of transmitter helps a lot.

    Bottom Line:   
    Still thinking, thats really good device.

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    Duration Product Used:   6 months

    Bike Setup:   Merida Magnesium

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:4
    Submitted by Stefan a Cross Country Rider from Switzerland

    Date Reviewed: July 12, 2001

    Strengths:    Features, to exploit one really needs the PC-Interface!

    Weaknesses:    Price (includes the cadence sensor)
    Radio bases heartrate transmission fails close to railways
    Sampling rate of 20s (competition already allows to select down to 5s, I usually do not need the 64h memory, 8h would be ok)
    Radio sensor for speed needed even if cadence sensor
    is installed
    PC-Software lacks some exporting capability

    Bottom Line:   
    Bottomline: I would not want to ride without it anymore
    Great bike computer, though some headroom for improvement: personally I`d prefer the Alti414M solution
    having both speed and cadence transmission via cable
    Regarding the PC-Software: saving the tour data as pure
    ASCII would be a nice feature, the scaling of the curves
    could be optimized
    Started with Ciclomaster Alti414M, which provides almost
    same features (whithout the heartrate & providing less watch
    features), lost it lately :-( and `upgraded` - unfortunately
    neither the PC-Interface nor the bike mount is compatible -
    so I had to replace them as well :-((.

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    Favorite Trail:   Monte Arbostora/Ticino

    Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

    Price Paid:    $215.00

    Purchased At:   Roseversand / Germany

    Similar Products Used:   Ciclomaster Alti414M

    Bike Setup:   Specialized Enduro FSR Expert 2000

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Peter Weiland a Cross Country Rider from Squamish, BC Canada

    Date Reviewed: June 12, 2001

    Strengths:    Great altimeter, HR, cycling computer combination. Stores allt the information for 64 hours. Downloadable to PC. Relive your outing at home. Works either on handlebar mount or on your wrist. Allows you to create cross sections of all your outings (biking, hiking, backcountry skiing etc)

    Weaknesses:    None

    Bottom Line:   
    Awesome product, did not find anything like it on the market!

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    Favorite Trail:   Spruce Lake, Southern Chilcotin

    Duration Product Used:   More than 3 years

    Price Paid:    $300.00

    Purchased At:   Rocky Mountain Cycle Tours 1-800-661-2453

    Similar Products Used:   Polar (the HAC 4 is easier to maitain, change all batteries yourself)

    Bike Setup:   large display, wireless transmition, great!

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Jarda a Cross Country Rider from Brno, Czech Republic, Europe

    Date Reviewed: April 10, 2001

    Strengths:    was mentioned before

    Weaknesses:    none for me

    Bottom Line:   
    Locking mechnismus on handlebar was significantly improved. I have had a few collisions :) and HAC was still remain on his place. PC interface is the must have. Till now i^ts looking great !

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    Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

    Similar Products Used:   Suunto Altimeter - have non cyclocomputer functions, nor PC interface and cyclocomputer

    Bike Setup:   Merida magnesium Marathon

    Overall Rating:2
    Value Rating:3
    Submitted by Bostjan a Weekend Warrior from Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Date Reviewed: November 6, 2000

    Strengths:    Easy to mount, easy to replace battery, easy to read all recorded files on PC, lot of data, statiscics and nice graphs on PC, seem to work(as long as it works properly) quite exactly (altitude, temp.)

    Weaknesses:    makes not much sense without PC connection, 20 sec intervals at data recording too long, poor stability on handlebar holder, high battery consumption, not coded HR transmition...

    Bottom Line:   
    I actally wouldn't recomend anyone to buy this product as long as manufacturer won't solve some problems. Here are some problems I had with the Hac4:
    1. I've lost HAC4 at allmost every landing after (small)jumps on my first ride so I decided to fix it additionally with elastic band. Poor solution according to high price of the product, looks terrible and covers part of the display. But it works and it's better than loosing it. (there's no replace-warranty in case you loose it!!!)
    2. after less than a year using it, temp. and altitude doesnt work well (shows much too high temeratures and altitudes).
    3. sometimes no Bike fuctions can be set or read allthow mounted on handlebar holder!?
    4. this is not a real problem, but I'm sure, it could be better: making top speed of 80 km/h for few sec. means, you 'll see on HAC4 top speed of about 75 km/h, because of 20-sec. recording intervals - so watch display during the ride to get real top speed and good luck, haha...

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    Duration Product Used:   1 Year

    Price Paid:    $220.00

    Purchased At:   PRO Rad, Munich, GER

    Similar Products Used:   Sigma pc6, Polar X-Trainer

    Bike Setup:   Cannondale SV 1000

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Savvas Anastassiou a Racer from Nicosia,Cyprus

    Date Reviewed: May 1, 2000

    Bottom Line:   
    I'm writting in on behalf of a friend of mine. He bought the Hac 4 and he mounted it on the special handlebar bracket. When he tried to press one of the buttons of the HRM he accidentally pressed the bracket's relise button and the HRM fell on the road and the rider coming behind him ran over it. It wasn't working after that! Fortunatelly we sent it back to the manufacturer and he e-mailed us that he will repear it.

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    Duration Product Used:   Less than 1 month

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Daniel a Cross Country Rider from Germany

    Date Reviewed: January 16, 2000

    Strengths:    Altimeter works great. So do heart-rate monitor, speedometer, temperature display. This device is waterproof and can be attached to both bike or your wrist. It comes with a radio-transmitter for your bike. The HAC4 stores some 50 hours of data, which can later be analyzed using a PC-Interface and software. This is a REAL training feature!

    Weaknesses:    Little bug: every new year the Year jumps for 2 years, instead of one. Ouuuuch, what a terrible bug ;-)

    Bottom Line:   
    After purchasing the PC-Kit, you're able to see nice graphs of your trip. It's interesting to see every traffic light on the computer screen (speed=0). You also see your heartrate going up when climbing, the number of climbs on your trip. Btw, all data is recorded every 20 seconds. Onscreen you can then see altitude,speed,temperature,heartrate, and a lot of other info... and you can compare your route to others (eg to see if you're getting better)
    I use this device for running, too. Although I accidentaly dropped it a couple of times, it's still working great and probably the best device for serious cycling!

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    Favorite Trail:   Zermatt->Gornergrat

    Duration Product Used:   6 months

    Similar Products Used:   Some Polar heart-reate monitors, Cateyes altimeter-speedometer.

    Bike Setup:   Cannondale Raven, Mavic Crossmax, ESP 9.0, ...

    Reviews 1 - 15 (15 Reviews Total)

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