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Garmin Edge 510 GPS

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MSRP : $329.95

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Product Description

Garmin Edge 510 GPS Enabled Cycling Computer is on the bleeding edge of cycling electronics technology. Fully GPS Enabled with a lot of the same features of the more expensive 810, the 510 is the choice for most garmin-sponsored pros due to it's minimalis

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Garmin Edge 510. Screen stuck on "RIDE"

I went to use my Garmin yesterday, put it on the bike and turned it on as usual. I couldn't get past the initial screen that says "RIDE". I tried restarting it, pressing start/stop several times, and I even reset it and wiped all the previous data but it still won't display anything more than the RI ... Read More »

I Hate my Edge 510

Got a Garmin Edge 510 for Xmas this past year. Worked great out of the box, paired up with my phone and all was well for the first several weeks. Then it wouldn't pair with the phone and erased all of my data. Tried reloading the app - that didn't work. Tried pairing it with an iPad, that didn't wo ... Read More »

Need help setting up my garmin edge 510!

Hi everyone. I just received my Taiwanese Garmin Edge 510 and just came from testing it. It is awesome and connects to Satellites real fast but I was not able to get any meter/distance reading during my ride! I don't have a cadence sensor bty! Was this bc I never hit the timer button or bc I did not ... Read More »

Does the Garmin Edge 510 touchscreen scroll

On their webpage they show a rider scrolling the screen like an iphone, but mine doesn't seem to do that. Is that an 810 feature?Read More »

Garmin Edge 510 directly to Strava

Can I upload my Garmin Edge 510 directly to Strava? Right now I am loading the Edge data to GarminConnect and using CopyMySports to send it to Strava. For some strange reason some of the data is different in the 2 programs. I would like to just send it straight to Strava, is this possible?Read More »

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