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Zefal Rim Tape Extras

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Weight : 29 grams

Product Description

Zefal cloth rim tape is of superior quality and thickness. 22mm. for ATB. Comes with a hole in it for valve stem at no extra charge! Specify size, 22mm. or 16mm.

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Rim Tape Width for ArchEx

What the proper rim tape width for an Stans ArchEx 21 or 25mm? Going to replace mine looking a bit raggedy after a couple years. Any tips on replacement?Read More »

Rim tape coming off

[FONT=arial]I recently got a flat in my back tire and when I removed it I found that the puncture was due to the manufacturer installed rim tape coming off and rust beginning to form on the inside of the rim when the nipple is. I have DT Swiss x 1800 spline wheels, what should I do? Thank you. [/FON ... Read More »

Cool Looking Rim Tape?????

Seen some internet pictures of folks with some very cool looking rim tape on Clown Shoes but I have no idea where to buy this stuff. Anyone got a line on some cool graphic rim tape? Thank You,Read More »

Fat Bike Rim Tape help

I have purchased a Chinese make aluminum fat bike. This bike has 100 mm rims with side-by-side drilled holes on the front wheel and single holes drilled holes on the rear wheel. I am looking to replace the rim tape. The only source that I have been able to identify are from Surley and the widest ... Read More »

DT Swiss EX 1501 Spline rim tape

Anyone know why DT Swiss EX 1501 Spline comes with rim tape but instructions included state 'use no rim tape'? Confused...Read More »

Read More »




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