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Surly Brake Hanger Extras

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Product Description

The Surly Brake Cable Hanger is for you obsessive-compulsive types who care about every detail of every component that you bolt to your bike.

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Brake hanger with cantilevers - help

I've just got hold of a rather nice Ritchey swiss cross - my first cross bike. When assembling it, i've run into trouble with the front brake hanger. It slides left and right, despite me tightening the cap-bolt and stem bolts tightly. Does anyone know if i'm missing something here? how can I get ... Read More »

'98 Marzocchi Z.3 Brake Hanger Question

I have a nice '98 Marz z.3 and I would like to use a cantilever brake on the fork. The bolt-on arch has 2 threaded holes near the top of the arch. Looks to me like a good spot for a cable-hanger for canti brakes. The 2 questions are: 1) Are the two threaded holes meant for a brake cable hanger? 2 ... Read More »

Need derailleur hanger and rear brake bossess for F700

Does anybody know where I can get the parts for a C'dale F700?Read More »

Marzocchi fork brake cable hanger z3 #850580 looking for.

Marzocchi fork cable hanger z3 #850580 looking for. Have a Marzocchi with v brake looking for a hanger. The arch is cut out with two threaded holes. Anyone have or an idea where I could find. Called Marzocchi they gave me a part number #850580. . is the the right forum for this help please fir ... Read More »

Front Brake Cable hanger

Finally picked up a nice 0 rise Ibis Ti stem for my Mongoose/Merlin Ti. I now need a quality front brake cable hanger. the part that goes around the steerer needs to be on the thinner side as there arent many threads on the fork's steerer tube btween the upper race and lock ring. Any suggesti ... Read More »

Read More »




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