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Like much of life, making your Shimano disc brakes work with your 160mm rotor is easy --once you learn how to figure out which adaptor you need. Whatever you have, we can either sell you the adaptors to make it work, or tell you that what you have is enough.You need to know three things -- what kind of mount your Shimano disc caliper is, International Standard (ISO) or post mount. If it goes on the front, you need to know what your fork is: ISO, post-mount, or a few special cases (Marzocchi 20mm axle, Boxxer-type). And, you need to know the rotor size that you're trying to fit -- in this case, it's 160mm.If you're trying to diagnose what you already have and/or what you need, here's how to do it. The Shimano adaptors all have a model number that starts with SM. The Mount Adaptor acronym is MA. Front brake is F. Rear brake is R. Rotor Size is 140, 160, 180, or 203. Caliper Mount Type will be S for ISO/International A, and P will represent Post. And the last letter will be for the frame or fork mount type: S for ISO/A, P for Post, B for Boxxer, Z for Marzocchi 20mm Axle as well as QR20Plus and DH ISO. Thus an adapter that reads SM-MA-F-203S/P is Shimano Small Parts Mount Adapter Front 203mm Rotor with ISO caliper on a Post type fork.With the first drop down box, please select the mount that corresponds with the fork or frame you are using. With the second drop down box, please select the type of caliper you have -- Post or International Standard (ISO).

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Which Shimano disc brake brackets / adaptors?

I need to install Shimano XTR trail brakes (M985) onto, at the front, a new Fox Float 34 fork, and at the back, a Santa Cruz Tallboy LT frame. I am using 180mm Ice-Tech rotors. Could someone please tell me what type (model number) of Shimano disc brake brackets / adaptors I need?Read More »

Jekyll - hope disc brake adaptors

I wonder if anyone has had any experience with upgrading the disc brakes on a Jekyll. I have just bought a 2000 Jekyll which has had an upgrade to Hope XC4 brakes. The front one is fine, but the previous owner had a new hub put on the back wheel with a 140mm rotor (the front rotor is 130mm), but the ... Read More »

Disc Brake Adaptors

I own a 98 Fisher Big Sur that I would like to convert to disc brakes. The problem is that my bike does not have a rear attachmant for a disc brake. Does anyone know of an adaptor that can mounted on the rear left dropout ? I know Santa Cruz makes an adaptor for the Chameleon, but I don't think it ... Read More »

fuel 90 wsd disc brake adaptors

hey there my lady friends ride doesnt have any disc tabs, its a 2002 trek fuel wsd 90. Is there a way i can put IS tabs on her frame without buying a new backend, and if i had to buy a new rear anyone know how much it would cost, thanks for your time. MayRead More »

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