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Rema Patches Extras

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Product Description

Rema F0-P, 16mm Round Patches, box of 100.

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What about tire patches????

Just had my first flat during my morning commute and luckily, I was close to work so I walked it into work. I had to watch youtube to get tips and pointers about fixing a flat tire with hydraulic brakes. Thank goodness for youtube!!!! The hole was a hairline puncture that one of the serious cycli ... Read More »

How many patches....

Went on a nice ride with the family today... [URL="http://s37.photobucket.com/user/svrider04/media/219E7138-3C89-4968-A338-7C5E1A23224E_zpsarnltvwe.png.html"][IMG]http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e69/svrider04/219E7138-3C89-4968-A338-7C5E1A23224E_zpsarnltvwe.png[/IMG][/URL] [URL="http://s37.phot ... Read More »

Ran out of Rema patches, will anything else work w/ Rema fluid?

Tried to use Rema cold vulcanizing fluid and cut tube pieces as a patch, but I couldn't get it to bond over night. I must have dropped my spare patches on the trail. Anyone know how to get this fluid to work with a different type of patch while my order arrives?Read More »

Best tube patches?

I am starting to get a collection of tubes to be patched for reuse, and I found that i do not have enough patches to go around. then I started to think a bit. What are the best patches? I do not mind glue-type patches, as I have some worse than desired experience with the durability of glueless (alt ... Read More »

Frame protection patches which sticks on Ano frame finish

Hi guys! Quick question, what kind of frame protection you use on your Ano frames ? I'm looking to stick some frame protection patch on headtube, to prevent damage caused by gear cables. I tried some patches from Lizard Skinz but they don't stick on ano surface, has anyone got same issue al ... Read More »

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