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Rav X Patch Kit Extras

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ThisTire patch kit has it all it comes with 2 different size patches, chalkTo mark whereThe hole is, sand paper and repair glue. 2 - 25mm patches 4 - 20mm patches Chalk Repair Glue Sandpaper Plastic carrying case

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New patch kit for every flat?

I'm still pretty new to mountain biking. A few weeks back I did my first patch job. Got a flat, pulled out the patch kit, applied the glue, and stuck the patch on. Worked good as new. I was out riding recently and got another flat. No problem, I've got my patch kit with me. Took the tube out, ... Read More »

Patch Kit Vs Spare Tubes

Looking to learn how to fix a flat on the trail to further me away from a possible newbie status. Going to the LBS soon to get a bigger saddle bag so I can store more stuff. Not to jinx myself but I never get a big tear in my tires or tubes, it's always a small puncture. Is it better to carry a P ... Read More »

Patch kit at South Mountain

If anyone is missing their patch kit after going up and over the bypass from DC to Pima (under the power lines), I picked it up and put it on a little barrel cactus near the top on the South side. Then I punched a horse...so there.Read More »

Fix a flat tire with a patch kit.

A follow up to my other post, how do you guys feel about patch kits to fix a flat tire? Should I not even bother with it and just carry an extra tube or can I feel confident with using patch kits?Read More »

Noob mistake - always carry a tire patch up kit

Well, I got my ass handed to me on the trail today. I always knew I was on borrowed time, but always made an excuse on, "Hey, I'll get a spare tire and a patch up kit soon. Not today." Well was coasting along, went over some rocks and boom, tire went out. Had no spare or nothing to patch it up wi ... Read More »

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