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Pure* Degreaser Extras

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Product Description

Powerful natural-based degreaser, highly effective in removing grease and oil with easy rinse off formula soluble in water. Non-aerosol and environmentally friendly.

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Degreaser on brake pad and rotor

I was being stupid and got degreaser all over my buddies elixir 3 pads and rotors. Can I clean the rotor with ISO alcohol and sand the pads a bit and be saved?Read More »

BioSolvent Chain degreaser/cleaner

I love using my Park Tools chain cleaner, but I ran out of the solvent and would prefer to replace with a bio-solvent. Any recommendations? I found the Finish Line product but it is super expensive: [url=http://www.bikeparts.com/search_results.asp?id=BPC159113&gclid=CPizrI6xyL0CFUgA7AodqkUAYQ]Fi ... Read More »

finish line citrus degreaser too harsh?

Hey all, Just wanted to bounce this off you... a buddy told me the finish line brand citrus degreaser (comes in a orange can) is too harsh for bike components. Should I be concerned and find something else to use when cleaning my drive train? Thanks.Read More »

What degreaser do you put in your ultrasonic cleaner?

Sorry if this has been asked before but I'm thinking simple green or some bio degreaser so it can go down the drain. Maybe some alcohol after as a "rinse cycle". Mostly I'm talking chains here. Thanks guys :) JoeRead More »

Tarnished by Degreaser

The last time I washed my bike off I used a diluted solution of super purple because I was out of simple green. Turns out that may have not been the best idea. The shiny black anodized finish on my stem, and rims, and rear shock all now appear to have a slightly milky/cloudy tarnished finish to them ... Read More »

Read More »




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