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Hope Quick Release Seat Clamp Extras

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Add a little flair to your ride without making your bike looks like it works at TGI Fridays.

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Quick release seat post clamp for '01 Sugar 3: Measured but nothing avail?

Hi... Think I measured this up correctly 116 mm diamenter on outside of seat tube, Divide by pie gives me 36.92 size clamp. Don't seem to see anything like that on the market. Thoughts? Am I just out of luck? Thank you, SmkntrlsRead More »

seat clamp -- quick release or bolt on?

Two questions: I just had the misfortune of my seatpost clamp coming undone while on the trail yesterday and lost the bolt and opposing side cavity sit-in (don't know what it's called). I was able to find the pin with the quick release, and clamp stayed on the bike. So, question #1 -- Is this is a ... Read More »

Quick release seat clamp for HD?

I remember talking to Ibis a few months back and they said they were about a month out from making black quick release seat clamps for the HD. Just checked their website and wasn't able to find them. Does anyone know if the regular mojo seat clamp fits the HD? Hans, is ibis still going to offer the ... Read More »

Where is my quick release adjustable seat post clamp?

I have owned an entry level Bianchi and GT mountain bike. Both were from the 90s. They both had adjustable seat post clamps. I just got back into mountain biking (mainly for exercise) and I purchased a 2011 Felt Nine Trail. It did not come with a quick release adjustable seat post clamp (can ad ... Read More »

Attention Giant owners with a quick release seat clamp!

The Salsa and Hope seatpost clamps I've used in the past stay closed purely on tension, but the clamp on my Spesh Stumpy for example have a noticeable overlock/positive lock - much like a Shimano quick release skewer. Do the quick release seat clamps on your Trances/Reigns also come with this notic ... Read More »

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