Hammer Nutrition Flask Extras

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High-density polyethylene with molded finger grips, Secure cap to keep dust out, Fits our bike holders, Holds five Hammer Gel servings and BPA free.

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Mud Flask Review?

Wondering if anyone has one and can let me know how secure the flask is? Looks like it might bounce out on some rough trails? [url]http://www.ahearnecycles.com/mud-flask-seat-mounted-holder/[/url]Read More »

Surly Flask Funk

I've had a Surly flask for almost a year- put some stranny's in it last spring, used it a few times, then it sat for probably a month before I cleaned it out. Problem is, ever since, it has some black isht in it and little chunks of it come out if I pour liquid in (found this out because I just wen ... Read More »

Gel Flask/where to mount

So i just got a gel flask. I was thinking about strapping it to my stem. Anybody do this or have a suggestion of where I should put it.Read More »

Hip flask style water bottle..

Hi, saw this photo in a thread from this site and would like to get some information on the "hip flask" style water bottle shown fitted on the photo. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers [url]http://i783.photobucket.com/albums/yy111/jones1467/tihipflask.jpg[/url]Read More »

Hip Flask Tipples

OK my American bretheren. I'm the Brit married to an American who will end up living in the US of A - but I'm concerned with the non-beer drinks over there. The best night ride hip flask content is, without doubt, sloe gin. Do you have such a thing over there? Is the blackthorn even grown on y ... Read More »

Read More »




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