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Gu The Flex Extras

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Product Description

GU's The Flex is a nearly weightless armband with an adjustable strap that lets you keep energy gels, flasks and other small essentials handy while...

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S Works crankset hitting ds/right chainstay, where's the flex coming from?

This is a xpost from the Turner forum, but I wanted to solicit input from S Work crank owners. Maybe I'm missing something. The bb (factory Specialized BB30) and crank with spacers are correctly installed. I even took it to a reputable Speci mechanic for a second opinion. Nope, not a thing wrong ... Read More »

Anyone making heatsink for the l-flex?

Man - little stuff like this makes me really wish I had a benchtop lathe, or a rotary mill. I'm having trouble with thermal tape, to the point where I just don't trust it. I am wondering if anyone makes a heatsink for the l-flex that would allow you to bond the driver to it with AA, without ... Read More »

Flex on the Rear of my WFO

I got a new 2012 WFO a month ago, and have been loving it for everything, especially with the addition of a Pushed RC3 on back. It rides the chunk, it rides the smooth, it rides it all with so little effort. And I am just amazed by how well it pedals for a 140mm rear bike. I definitely believe in ... Read More »

Guess the flex...

I'm running the old Raceface Next LP carbon cranks. I'm using a Shimano 73mm UN54 square taper bottom bracket at 119mm. I'm using a Cannondale 29T chainring with a 1x9 set-up. I'm a clyde, 260 geared. Besides my beer gut, got any guesses where the loss of power transfer is coming from?Read More »

Is Flex Seal spray the new Plastic dip?

A couple weeks ago I caught an ad for the spray [URL="https://www.getflexseal.com/"]"Flex Seal "[/URL] product on a late night infomercial. It looks interesting and might be more useful in some applications than plastic dip. I was thinking I could spray my battery bags and make them water-proof. :) ... Read More »

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