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Giant Chainstay Protector Extras

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Aftermarket chainstay protector for specialized epic 2012?

Hi, I just bought a used specialized epic 2012 comp frame which came without a chainstay protector. I looked for a suitable one at the LBS, but none of those they were selling was suitable. Where can I buy one online? I don't really care if it's an original Specialized or some other brand. Thanks!Read More »

What size Lizard Skin Chainstay Protector do I need?

Ok, so i've decided to just grab a couple Lizard Skin protector my wife's and my bike. They are cheap on ebay and I don't want to deal with wrapping it. I'm just not sure what size to buy?? They make, Standard, Jumbo, 29er Jumbo, and Super Jumbo... My bike is a 19" 29er and my wife's is a 16" 29er ... Read More »

Chainstay Protector from Sugru

I wrote an Instructables on how to make a chainstay protector from Sugru and it went crazy popular - I thought I would share it here. [url=http://www.instructables.com/id/Sugru-Bike-Chainstay-Protector/]Sugru - Bike Chainstay Protector - DIY[/url]Read More »

DIY chainstay protector

what are you guys using to protect your chainstay? brands and type of tape used would be appreciated. (search did not work out) i have a steel frame with a cheap chainstay protector i bought that i am not happy with. also, i plan on using Rustoleum protective enamel to patch up the nicks. would ... Read More »

F29 : "supergluing" a chainstay protector

Looking to buy this CF chainstay protector for my Flah29. Dealer told the 2 gluing options are the followings : either sylicone or better a bicomponent superglue. Ok for the superglue then,any harm to frame's finish tho ?Read More »

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