Formula Brake Bleed Kit Extras

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Formula recommends bleeding 1-2 times a year if you want to properly maintain the brakes and internal seals. If you're riding more than 12 hours a week, you should think about bleeding three times a year. If you're not paying attention, you'll need to bleed when the braking feels both mushy and sluggish. The bleed kit comes with two syringes, brass bleeder port fittings, and some tubing to attach the fittings to the syringe. Brake fluid sold separately.

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Shimano brake bleed kit

So I've been looking at videos about how to bleed brakes. They have people with 2 syringes pushing hydraulic fluid into the caliper. My question is where you get a brake bleed kit like that. I just bought a used bike with my first discs. Is there a kit somewhere that has the yellow caliper block, th ... Read More »

Does anyone ever bring a trailside brake bleed kit for long rides?

I've had my brakes fade on a 2k' descent before, and it kind of kills the ride. Does anyone ever bring like a small bottle of fluid to do a quick trailside brake bleed? Would it be as simple as an eyedropper bottle with fluid, and topping off the master cylinder?Read More »

Avid brake bleed kit hoses - clouded?

Strange problem I'm having. I recently picked up a new Avid Professional Bleed Kit. I used it once to bleed my front and rear brakes, and when I was done, rinsed all the bleed kit parts with water and dish soap. Then the hoses completely clouded up. Not just cloudy, but completely opaque. I tho ... Read More »

Avid Juicy Brake issue and bleed kit for lend

Anyone in east valley have an Avid brake bleed kit they could lend for a day or two? Pulled my bike out after not riding for quite a while and felt the lever was loose and floppy before engaging. I did find the banjo bolt at the pads was loose so I tightened that. Opened the resevior at the top / ... Read More »

Brake fluid, bleed kit question

I am changing the hoses on my Juicy 7's. There is a cheap bleed kit on ebay that has DOT 4 fluid with it. The Avid kit comes with DOT 5.1 fluid. Whats the difference:confused: Anyone use the cheaper kit? It is $15 compared to $45 for the official Avid kit.:eek: I do mostly XC riding. Not ... Read More »

Read More »




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