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Take it to the Next Level The ultimate way to customize your cycling computer, the iBike app takes information from the smart case and translates it directly onto the screen of your iPhone or iPod touch. See for yourself! Download it free from the app store and check out the demo ride file that shows you how iBike has completely re-imagined the cycling experience.

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GPS, training devices, anyone use the iBike sports GPS?

I was looking around for something to track my riding.. I found this from iBIke Sports [url=]iBike GPS Bike Computer for iPhone 5 and 4S/4[/url] Anyone on here use products from them? it looks pretty neat.Read More »

iBike Newton +

Has anyone tried an iBike Netwon + on a MTB? I'm mainly thinking about it for a "cheap" power meter to use on my road bike on the trainer over the winter. I would like to be able to use it on my mountain bike some too.Read More »

iBike power meters

Anyone working with the iBike Newton or Dash+Power? I have the Dash+Power and it's quite a smorgasbord of data.Read More »

iBike for offroad?

I'm interested in getting a power meter for the mountain bike after successfully using one on my road bike for a couple seasons. Has anyone used a wireless iBike Pro offroad for racing and/or training? It seems I can't get a straight answer about how well they work with varying terrain and surf ... Read More »

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