Garmin FR60 Computer

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Get stronger, faster, better with Garmin's FR60. This powerful sport watch/fitness tool tracks all your workout data, including time, heart rate,...

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Garmin FR60 with GSC 10 speed/cadence bike sensor

I'm got a garmin FR60 heart rate monitor watch for Xmas from my wife. I used it for a few rides and kept track of my calories burned. I have since purchased and installed a GSC10 sensor and have made a few rides with it. I have noticed my calories burned are a lot lower since installing the GSC10. ... Read More »

How accurate is the Garmin FR60's cycling sensor?

I know it's not a dedicated cyclocomputer but for its price (on eBay), it seems pretty tempting and lots of good has been said about it. Basically, what I'd like is a cyclocomputer with a reliable heart rate monitor which wouldn't break the bank. Don't forget that a Malaysian bank is quite a lot sma ... Read More »

New Garmin FR60

Got it for XMas... This thing is super cool. I've always wanted a HR monitor, but didn't have a clue on what type. My wife went to the LBS and talked to my buddy that works there... and they hooked me up with this model. I'm super happy with the results. I still don't know all the cool features ... Read More »

Garmin FR60 Heart Rate Monitor + USB ANT Stick

Garmin FR60 Heart Rate Monitor + USB ANT Stick is $89 shipped at Amazon (Lilac color): [url][/url] GSC10 is the compatible bike speed and cadence sensor.Read More »

Garmin FR60 and Mac

Anyone used a Garmin FR60 [url][/url] at all? More specifically, have you used one with a Mac? Polar, for some reason, still doesn't make their top-selling watches (I don't think Suunto ever will) Mac compatible. However, Garmin seems t ... Read More »

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