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The importance of training with power is indisputable, and CycleOps has been at the forefront of power training technology since its inception. Gaining this advantage used to cost a fortune, resulting in months of ramen dinners; but now CycleOps has incorporated the same valuable metrics of prior versions into a CPU unit that costs about half as much. The new Joule Computer opens the door for a new generation to discover the advantages of training with power. Pair the Joule Computer with the CycleOps PowerTap Alloy G3 Training Wheelset to create a fully functioning power system for around $1600. You read that right.Weighing in at a remarkably low 50 grams, the new CycleOps Joule Computer is a lightweight monster of power computing intelligence. If you're used to the older version, you'll be happy to hear that the new Joule Computer still uses the customizable dashboard to display your data. It displays metrics like watt/kg, peak power, altitude gained/lost, grade percentage, and much more. You still have access to Report Mode, which are your historical averages, stored in increments of one week, two weeks, four weeks, eight weeks, six months, and twelve months. This mode is useful for post-ride analysis of how your training is progressing, but all reports can be accessed on-the-fly during a ride. There are 29 metrics available for history on reports that include power detail, work, peak power, and climbing, The dashboard on the Joule Computer can be changed at any time. The new Joule features a similar joystick-type controller to toggle between desired metrics, modes, or reports that you want displayed on the dashboard. A huge advantage of power training with the Joule over a Garmin CPU is the Joule's ability to set automatic intervals at the hit of a button. It also features an auto-interval countdown to let you know how much longer you have to feel like you're being turned inside out. While ride data is saved in one second intervals, the Joule Computer allows up to 999 intervals to be saved onboard.If you're coming from the Joule 2.0, you'll immediately notice the smaller and more ergonomic design of the new Joule Computer. The Joule looks more like a cycling computer than its 2.0 counterpart, and the body is nearly all black to blend in with your bike?because black goes with everything. The Joule Computer can be mounted on the front of the handlebars or on the stem, and comes with the mounts for each of these options. The Joule battery life is around 600 hours, and uses a non-rechargeable coin cell battery.The CycleOps Joule Computer is only a computer, and requires an ANT+ compatible powermeter such as the G3 PowerTap, G3C PowerTap, or PowerTap Pro hubs. The Joule is also compatible with any ANT+ heart rate, speed, cadence or power sensors. The Joule Computer is waterproof for accurate training rain or shine.

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Joule GPS

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Joule 2.0 vs Garmin series

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Joule 2.0 and Edge 500: Ditch One and Keep the Other?

I'm trying to make a decision here. I have a Joule 2.0 I've read a lot about but never used, and a used Edge 500 that currently serves me well. I have a power meter on the MTB, and plan on getting one for the other bike within the year. I think my power meter (SL+) reads cadence in addition to ... Read More »

mountain goat joule/ mudslinger

why is everybody on to the deluxe and no mention to the joule or the mudslinger? longer top tubes and those yokes on the slinger are sexy... tange oversized ultimate/ ultralight is not bad either..Read More »

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