Bontrager Node Computer

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MSRP : $140.00

Product Description

  • Current, average and maximum speed
  • Trip distance and programmable odometer
  • Clock (12/24-hour) and total ride time
  • Auto start/stop

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Bontrager Node 1 Bike Mount

I have a Bontrager Node 1 that I use on my road bike, and I was wondering since it can be used with 2 bikes where to get a mount. I have asked at the LBS and they were lost, and I can't find anything on Bontragers website. Anyone know how to get a second mount setup? Anyone else you the Bontrag ... Read More »

Bontrager Node 2

I recently got this Node 2 with a used bike i bought and i can NOT get it to pair up with the sensors at ALL. I have tried two different sensors; the speed trap and the one that fits on any bike. Everything else seems to work just fine but i cant get it to connect with the sensors. Anyone ever h ... Read More »

Help me pair my BONTRAGER Node 1 with my Cadence....please!

I just bought a Bontrager Node 1 which came with the actual display unit and the magnetic piece that fits to the spoke on the wheel. In addition, the salesman sold me the Cadence tranceiver (or whatever it's called--I guess its the part that attaches to the frame to read the magent). I followed th ... Read More »

Lymph Node infection

Somehow I got E-Coli in my Lymphatic system causing a few lymph nodes to swell up. One in my armpit swelled to the size of a golf ball and eventually had to be lanced. Besides hurting like hell, it has to have packing put in it daily to prevent the outside from healing first and trapping the infecti ... Read More »

Riding after axillary lymph node removal

Hello I really want to get back into mountain biking after being far too long out of the saddle. Over the past year or so ive been treated for melanoma and in september had my axillary lymph nodes removed from my left armpit. The docs said that from now on I should try not to get my left arm ... Read More »

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