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Wahoo Fitness RFLKT Computer, Blue HR, Blue SC and KICKR Power Trainer

The new offerings from Wahoo Fitness that includes the Blue HR bluetooh 4.0 heartrate strap, the Blue SC bluetooth 4.0 speed and cadence sensor, and the RFLKT iPhone powered bike computer for your handlebars.    Read More »

K-EDGE Computer Mount for Garmin Edge

K-EDGE started their endeavors with Kristin Armstrong’s Chain Catcher at the 2008 Olympics (Gold individual time trial in 2008 and 2012), and they have since added more catchers and camera mounts. Their latest product is an aluminum bike computer mount for Garmin's Edge series, and the anodized jewe ...    Read More »

Cateye Nano Shot Plus Light and Stealth 50 GPS Computer

Cateye surprised us last year in the Bike LIghts Shootout. They sent a tiny 250 lumen light called the Nano Shot  and it blew us away with its form factor, quality, brightness and price.  It kind of reminded us that Cateye is a Japanese company that makes quality stuff. The feel of their products is ...    Read More »

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Computer problem...custom configurators don't work.

Hi everyone.. I have been looking at a some of the bicycle builders form Europe and have found that some of them use what they call "Custom Configurators". Ideally they help you design your bike, being able to pick any conceivable option and then print out the build list. This really helps when de ... Read More »

Cyclo Computer with Temperature reading

Hi im looking for a computer it would be used on a 29er. I would like it to have a temp reading. from this ones which one you guys recommend. Serfas HWC-3 Level 2.2 [url]https://www.serfas.com/products/view/71/referer:products|index|bike-accessories|computers[/url] Bell F20 [url=http://www.a ... Read More »

Lefty shock with computer

I tired the search and didnt find any current threads... I did see a few posts noting that it is a bit tricky. I have a new F29 with a lefty. I need to buy a bike computer for the bike. Any suggestions as to one that works well and is full featured? I want wireless, current time, plus the stand ... Read More »

Lost my Bike Computer at Skeggs Wed night.

Any one find it on thursday or friday? If so please let me know. I was going down giant salamander then descended methuselah going towards el corte madera creek, when I heard something fall but I didn't slow down to look at what i lost I realized I lost the computer near the end of the ride. I thi ... Read More »

Found! Bike computer at tranquility, on access road

Found this a few days ago, on the access road near the abandoned house just north of the main trailhead on the 517 side. PM to identify.Read More »

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