Swagman 5 Bike Hitch Rack Bike Rack

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he XP provides the ultimate in flexibility to accommodate a variety of bike frame designs while still maintaining all the advantages of having a hitch-mounted bike rack. The XP has individually adjustable rotating cradles which rotate to allow your bikes to be carried with the wheels level to the ground, providing greater ground clearance. The cradles come standard with a locking knob for added security, have kraton vinyl cushioning which is grooved for cables and are soft and gummy providing a scratch free ride for your bikes.

  • Capacity: 5 Bike
  • Mount: 2" Receiver

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    Review Needed: Blue Devil or other 5 bike hitch rack

    Been looking for a hitch rack. Have 2 adult bikes 1 mid size mtb and girls bike. Will be adding another smaller kids bike soon. Anyone have experience with blue devil hitch racks or other single pole hitch racks? I like the idea of single pole since they would snake through the odd frames of ... Read More »

    2" Hitch Bike Rack that holds 4 or 5 bikes under $500.00 any good ones ??

    Guy's looking for some feedback on a 4 or 5 Bike Rack for a Hitch Receiver.. Thule has a NEW rack the " Apex " model 9026 that holds 5 bikes ?? Whats been working for you ?? I have looked at the 1up but don't have the CASH to do it since I need to hold 4 bikes at the minium.. Thanks.... Sha ... Read More »

    Good 5 bike hitch rack for Niners?

    Anyone have a five bike rack that can handle a few niners? Also have 3 kids bikes and one 26. But I'm looking for something solid. Gracias all.Read More »

    3-5 Bike Hitch Rack for Toyota 4Runner

    Hey guys i'm looking for a hitch style bike rack that will hold at least 3 bikes. If anyone has one for sale please let me know. Also, i am open to any suggestions as to which company makes the best one for under $250. Thanks.Read More »

    5 Bike Hitch Rack - Which to buy, do they work?

    So I looked through the 13 pages of threads in this forum and didn't see anything discussing the difference 5-bike hitch racks that are out there. I know they are made by Thule, Yakima, Allen, and Hollywood at a minimum. My question is...Which ones work and which ones don't? I need to be able t ... Read More »

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