Slikfit TIE DOWN Bike Rack

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Product Description

The SLIKFIT TIE DOWN is designed to attach easily and securely to the SLIKFIT ANCHOR POINT to hold bikes or motorcycles upright in the bed of a pickup truck.


  • Secure hook up
  • Easy tightening strap
  • Weather resistant material
  • Sharp colors

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    Coe ride, tons of photos - Walsh, Tie Down, 3/4/14

    Finally got free for a day after 2+ weeks no riding, and it hadn't rained much, so off to Coe! [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] [URL= ... Read More »

    Broke off a cable tie-down on my Ripley!

    A zip tie came loose on the clevis of my Ripley. I went to replace it, and when tightening down the new one the tie-down popped right off! I didn't yank on it particularly hard, and I've installed hundreds of zip ties on all sorts of frames without ever having an issue. I was kinda surprised to ... Read More »

    SHUTTLERS: Are you happy with current tie down options?

    Hey all. There has been some discussion locally about a specifically designed tie down for shuttling of the bikes. The aim is to simplify the process when driving to a new spot, the bike park or traveling as well. The idea is to work at securing your rides either in a rack in the bed of your tru ... Read More »

    tie-down straps?

    One of the members here has a company that makes hook & loop tie-down straps for spare tubes, tire irons, etc. I think he posted about them in this forum. I tried searching and looking for the post, but I haven't had any luck finding it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.Read More »

    Looking for good tie-down solutions

    I bought an Axiom trunk bag but occasionally, I have too much junk and I need to put more on the top. Bungee cords always seem to be too long or too short. A couple of straps/buckles with hooks would do the trick as long as they didn't vibrate loose. What do you do? Thanks!Read More »

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