Slikfit JOURNEYMAN Bike Rack

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Product Description

The brand new, state of the art, bike carrier designed to carry two bikes, fork mounted and locked in the bed of a Pick-up truck.

The JOURNEYMAN is unique in the way that it securely attaches to the sidewalls of the pick-up truck bed. The SLIKFIT track system allows the user the flexibility to position the bikes in the best possible location. A third fork mount can be added to carry more bikes.

SLIKFIT makes a wheel holder that fits the SLIKFIT track system of the JOURNEYMAN truck rack. This one size fits most Truck-bed widths and comes with Two Locking Fork Mounts. We consider this a One Box, bike-carrying solution for the Pickup Truck.


  • One size fits most width truck bed
  • Comes with two locking fork-mounts
  • Locks included
  • Position bikes where you want them
  • Clamps directly to sidewalls of pickup truck bed
  • Will not spread the truck bed walls

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