Hagel Development Nice Rack - Model A Bike Rack

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This rack allows you to carry your bicycles on the side rails of the pick up truck box. This leaves your truck bed free to carry other stuff and puts your bikes where they are easy to get to. It does not require drilling for attachment. Rubber edge guard and camper tape protect the finish of your truck. The design incorporates a single front cross member that adjusts to fit your truck.

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Surly Nice Rack on a 9 zero 7 190

Just dabbling in the basement tonight. Pulled the rear rack off my Surly Ogre and put it on my 190 9:zero:7. Just had to splay the lower mount points out a little... [ATTACH=CONFIG]853613[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]853614[/ATTACH]Read More »

Yeah, I love a nice rack!!

But they don't make one to fit Fatty's, or all my other bikes. Two spots empty right now but one will be filled with my new 9-0-7 when it gets here in September. The other is open cause I sold my Superfly. Now I need another cross country 29 er. My wife's other cruiser has a kick stand so it's not ... Read More »

Mounting a Wald basket on a Surly Nice Rack (Quick Release Ideas?)

I ordered a big 'ol Wald basket from Rivendell today and I'm wondering the best way to mount it that is secure, but also so that I can easily remove it. I'm currently thinking some small u-bolts with a plate and some wingnuts (crappy "picture" below). Does anyone else have any ideas?Read More »

Looking for a nice rack . . .

I drive a pickup truck, headed out on a week long camping trip through Colorado in August. I am looking for a bike rack that would allow car camping junk in the truck bed and a receiver hitch style bike rack for two bikes. I am open to any price but wouldn't mind a cheaper model that works well. ... Read More »

Man, Pete's wife has a nice rack!

I guess she lets him play with it whenever he wants. The new rig's not too bad, either. fp Pee Ess: More pics from todays ride at Oat Hell on the SnorCal bored: [url]http://forums.mtbr.com/showthread.php?t=78792[/url]Read More »

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