Fastrax Fork Mount Bike Rack

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Fork mount roof bike racks require that you remove the front wheel of the bike and clamp the fork to the rack.

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Farley, Bluto & Custom Kuat Fork Mount Roof Rack

Not sure why I like fork mount rack but I do. However no one sells a fork mount adapter for a bluto fork. The good news is the Kuat rack has an interchangeable fork mount. It's also important to have friends that own a machine shop. [IMG][/IMG ... Read More »

2nd post simple question, fork mount size

As opposed to laying my bike down in bed of my truck, I see you can buy a fork mount to hold the bike, I figure I could mount one to my tool box lid in my truck but can't figure out what axle/hub size I need , it's a '14. Specialized hardrock disc se 29. The specs listed are : RIMSHR Disc 29", all ... Read More »

Brake bolt broke in lower post mount on fork!!! WTF HELP!

After having the pads replaced, I was adjusting the brakes to stop some rubbing.. I backed out the bolts several turns to adjust the brake. As I went to screw it back in several turns, the bolt started to get hard to turn with several threads left. Obviously it should have gone no problem because it ... Read More »

Fork post mount in need of facing? - Caliper needs to move more outboard but can't

I can't seem to get enough outboard movement on the caliper to align the caliper to the rotor. With caliper moved all the way outboard, the outboard pad still rubs the rotor while the inboard pad has a gap. Will facing the post mount tabs help? I have a hard time thinking that they are so far out ... Read More »

Replacing fork with 51mm brake mount to 74mm brake mount- adapter needed?

Hi, I want to replace my p2 rigid fork on my Kona unit to FS. i use and love the original Avid BB7, this brakes are mounted to the p2 fork with adapter but has 74mm spacing on the caliper itself. Do I need another adapter or it will fit directly? If yes- how does I find the write one? The rotor is 1 ... Read More »

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