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X Lab Tire Bags

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Product Description

Have you been using electrical tape for holding your spare tire or tubes? Problem solved. This tough bag can store a 700c x 22mm tubular, or a couple of tubes, and fits under the Xlab Carbon Wing, Super Wing, or Sonic Wing. Has long velcro straps. Available in black or red.

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Ideal tire for a Troll and a 245-lb rider

Looking to get a Surly Troll and get some tires for it. My priorities: 1. Puncture protection - I use my bike as a commuter as well as a funmobile so I prioritize puncture protection over everything else 2. Grip - weighing the benefits and drawbacks of a 'combo' tire that can go on the road (ESPE ... Read More »

Jet 9 RDO Tire Advice

I just got a 2015 Jet 9 RDO. It comes with the Schwalbe Rapid Rob 2.4 in the front. It seems like a lot of tire for a cross country race bike. Anyone have comments on this tire and maybe a narrower Schwalbe tire recommendation? I was thinking of matching the front with the rear tire, which is the R ... Read More »

Fat Tire Revelation in Snow: Narrower Front, Fatter Rear.

Running a 4.8" or 5" front tire can bog you down in certain situations. Fresh pow (250 to 300g/cm^3) tends to build up at the front tire and you try to dig in with the rear, and switch to a lower gear to get above the snow and "float". Then you can spin out because of the buildup of snow at the ... Read More »

Rocket Ron tire rotation?

I am replacing my Rocket Ron's 29x2.25 with a new set of Rocket Ron's 29x2.25 On my old tires it has directional signals which show the following: Pretty obvious. On the new set however it only reads: Rotation--> There is no Front/Rear anymore. Does this mean they changed their ... Read More »

Bontrager Hodag tire and Jackalope wheel

[url=http://reviews.mtbr.com/first-look-bontrager-jackalope-wheel-and-hodag-fat-tire]First Look: Bontrager Jackalope wheel and Hodag fat tire - Mtbr.com[/url] Any word on these yet? I just got them and am a big fan of Bontrager stuff these days. fcRead More »

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