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Recommendations needed for second, no adjustment wheel set for disk.

I'd like to have a no adjustment needed second wheel set for my 26er. Current hub brand and model is unknown but pictures are below. They were purchased in 09 and are mounted on WTB sun rims cr18 wheels. Anyone know what kind of hubs these are?Read More »

Is my back wheel true enough to not worry about it?

Hello, [video=youtube;TeO4KoRGXdk]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeO4KoRGXdk&feature=youtu.be[/video] If I stay on call tonight I want to ride at enterprise south on the fun Monday, Wednesday direction. Will I mess up my bike if I ride it? Could this even be a normal appearing back wheel? ... Read More »

Wheel/brake squeaky

This started two rides ago. I noticed while breaking that my bike would sometimes squeak. I have disc brakes, and this is the rear wheel. What's strange is that I rarely use the rear break, and it still squeaks. Off the bike, it squeaks when I spin the wheel backwards, and always at the same point ... Read More »

1st Wheel Build: DT 533d rims, 180 hubs, Alpine III Spokes, Messing 2.0/12mm Nipples

Hi. My name's Keith. I'm new to this site. After closely reviewing the forum topics, I think I've found the correct spot to post this thread. I've read many articles on many different rim/hub/spoke/nipple combinations. However, I have my own combination that I'm looking to assemble myself. It inclu ... Read More »

Avid Elixir 9 Lever hard stops, rear wheel won't lock up. Opposite of squishy.

For about 2,300 miles of mountain riding, my Elixir 9s have been performing well (louder than a howler monkey at the start, so switched rotors, went with organic pads and rotated banjo bolt so hose rests against seat stay. Another story. Quieter now). I put in new pads about 350 miles ago, and al ... Read More »

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