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Evoc Bike Travel Bags

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A bike travel bag for trips by plane, car or train for road bikes, XC, DH, FR and enduro bikes – within minutes everything is stowed away and packed safely for your trip. All you need to do is dismantle the handlebar, pedals and wheels.

Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro Review

I travel all over the US and now the world with my bike! I’ve tried all different types of travel cases and they each offer their pros and cons. Hard cases offer the most protection, but they are heavy, meaning that the person’s eyes at the airline counter will light up with giant dollar signs like a cartoon character when they see you coming. Most airlines strictly enforce the 50lb weight limit when it comes to traveling with a bike. Most hard cases with a bike inside and nothing else exceed the 50lb limit. Continue reading →

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Long Travel 29'er.......that won't be my primary bike?

Looking for some advice on a long travel 29er that won’t break the bank. I am mainly a XC rider but my son and his buddies like to ride trails that require more of a trail bike. No problem……..just go out and get a new bike….right? Well not so fast. This would be my [U]4th bike [/U]and not my prim ... Read More »

more travel from my ross-country FS mountain bike?

Before I ask this somewhat silly question, I want to let you all know that 'Look for another bike!' is the answer. OK, I have been riding by 6-7 yr old USA made Titus Racer X, and love it. The bike has 80mm of travel. Recently I feel I may have aged into needing more travel. Can you folks on the ... Read More »

Air travel bike bag/case for bike with Lefty

I travel frequently and have a couple bags/cases. Most often, I use my EVOC bag, but I also use my Thule Round Trip Bike case. I don't have a bike with a Lefty.... yet. Before I pull the trigger on an F29, I want to be prepared to go right away. Seems to me the EVOC bag should work fine, but ... Read More »

120 mm travel fork on a bike designed for 140 mm travel fork

I broke the frame on my dual suspension trail bike, which has 120 mm travel shock and 120 mm travel Rock Shox Recon Silver TK solo air fork. HT angle 68.5 degrees, ST angle 72.5 degrees. The replacement frame that I am getting has a 140 mm rear shock and has HT angle 67.5 degrees, ST angle 72.5 de ... Read More »

7" travel DH bike

Looking for a 'mini' dh bike w/ 180mm of travel. Looked at local classifieds and narrowed my price range. Heard good things about both bikes. I want to hear about what you prefer and your experience (if any) with the bikes. 2012 Giant Faith [url=http://www.pinkbike.com/buysell/1608305/?dir ... Read More »

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