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Axiom Bar Bags

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Product Description

Add carrying capacity and versatility to your bike with handy Axiom bags. Axiom Adirondack Bar Bag carries 305 cubic inches Axiom Atlas Bar Bag carries 323 cubic inches

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Pros/Cons: Single Pivot Suspensions vs. Four bar suspensions?

Hello fellow MTBRs, I'm looking to upgrade to a full suspension 29er and could use some of the community's insight and expertise in highlighting the advantages and/or disadvantages of going with a Single Pivot Suspensions vs. a Four Bar Suspension. Does anyone have any knowledge or experiences they ... Read More »

Fat Bike Bar Width

Just got my FatBoy frame set and I am gathering what I need for the build. The geometry is very close to what my traditional XC bike is (TT). However I am trying to decide on which bar and stem I am going to use. Is it ok to run the same set up I run for XC? 90mm stem and 700mm bar? Is it recommende ... Read More »

xloc full sprint under bar mounting?

Hi, I got a killer deal on bike shop owner's bike and now I'm trying to clean up the handlebar and make it more ergonomic for my smallish hands. On the left side (outside in) I've got XTR M987 brakes then an Xloc full sprint remote above the bar. On the right side (outside in) I've got the ... Read More »

XT MT785 - lever coming back to bar when lightly pulled, not when pulled hard

Hey guys, Any idea what's wrong and how easy it is to fix. Pretty new brakes, working fine before a crash last week. No physical damage seen to lever but had to dig a load of mud out of the nooks and crannies. Since then, when the brake is suddenly pulled on, it feels fine and works fine - compl ... Read More »

Jones bar for SS

Who likes it? Who doesn't? Why? Why not? Also, anyone use them with bar ends (I have the ergon gp2)? Now that they have a wider version I've been considering it just to freshen up my ride. currently have a salsa promoto 710 bar with my rigid karate monkey.Read More »

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