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Feature: Weevil Outdoor Supply Yuksak Bags, T-Shirts and Hats

Weevil has a new product called the Yuksak. Store all your post-ride gear here and it will help dry it out with replaceable moisture drying packs.   Read More »

Chrome Bags and Shoes 2013 Collection

Chrome has a long history of making stylish and functional bike bags. They have really broadened their offerings in recent years by making shoes and apparel. I have personally been using Chrome bags for years and they remain one of my favorite ways to pack my daily necessities on and off the bike. ...    Read More »

Krieg, Saddle Bags for Everyone

As I  was wandering around Interbike I came across a couple of guys with a cool low tech booth.  They were discussing how to make their booth more fun and attract more attention.  The booth was clever and used recycled shipping boxes from other exhibitors as a floor covering that matched the cool ca ...    Read More »

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military sourced bags for touring or bikepacking; and racks

Here's a good way to get into bikepacking/touring without spending too much money and then deciding that it's not for you anymore..... OR then deciding you like it so much, you go out and get high quality bags and items...use military surplus bags and pouches; you will note that there are several di ... Read More »

2013 Nimble 9 Frame Bags

[IMG]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5976525/bags1.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5976525/bags2.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5976525/bags3.jpg[/IMG] [B]High Res Pics here:[/B] [url]https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kln54zs74hmeytx/WN7CT0iCVz[/url] ... Read More »

Bags and dropper posts

Are there any bikepacking oriented saddle bags that work well with a dropper post? I kinda wonder if I'm hunting for unicorns.Read More »

frame bags vs. racks + panniers

i've got a surly nice rack on the rear and a cheap sunlite front rack on my ogre....they've been great so far. seems like the trend is going away from racks and panniers to frame bags. bike camping season is upon us, and i was thinking i'd give the surly revelate frame bag a go...that coupled with ... Read More »

How much cargo tie downs & bags do you carry around? Per load or just in case?

I am new to the cargo bike scene, I just got my Trek Transport Monday, April 29th. I have made a dog food run(50lbs bag)and misc other hardware store stuff(maybe another 15lbs) and then a seperate grocery run of a week's worth of food/beverages for 4 people and my daycare crew of 4 kiddos. [ATTACH= ... Read More »

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