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[Apr 12, 2010]

Lonsdale St Cyclery stock a wide range of good quality components and are good in stocking and selling new bikes and accessories.

Customer Service

Unfortunately I have some issues with a rear derailer that I could not adjust properly. Upon ringing the shop to see if they could help.
I had recently fitted a new 10x SRAM cassette and chain and cables.
I have preferred SRAM chains over Shimano, as I have not snapped a SRAM chain yet.
They asked me to bring the bike in so that they could have a look at it in the workshop. After taking my bike there during my lunch break, they told me that I should only use Shimano components because I had a 'Shimano bike'? The guy serving me told me that if I replaced my brand new cassette and chain with the Shimano brand that they were selling, then it should solve my problems. He also told me that I should not be using my recently acquired FSA front chain ring that was fully compatible with my pre-existing Shimano crank set. If I replaced this front chain ring then it should also help with my rear derailer shifting problems! He then proceeded to tell me that there was nothing he could do on the bike today, but if I booked it in, he might be able to work on it later. When I asked him what the problem could be he told me that it is a bit involved and he couldn’t really say, but it was probably because I was using the wrong components? This I did not understand? Wrong components? As far as I knew using a 10X SRAM chain with a 10X SRAM cassette was fine!

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The problem I have here is that I feel I was:
1) Mis-informed regarding when the bike could be worked on. I thought getting it ‘looked at’ and ‘worked on’ would be the same. I had already been to the shop twice for the same problem. These people seem to have to make themselves feel important by denying their services until some later date, even when the job is so tiny and might just be a loose cable and can be fixed in a few seconds!
2) I can’t understand why mechanics have to be so secretive about disclosing the underlying cause of basic problems, with the hope that you will buy a heap of stuff from them and still not know why there was a problem to start with?
3) I feel this incredible bias towards ‘Shimano brand’ components. Why is it that mechanics deem every other brand as inferior, such as SRAM and FSA? This type of ignorance annoys me and it only serves to prove that they cannot do any independent research.
4) Overpriced components! The cost of a new Ultegra cassette was $130 and a new Dura-ace chain was $90! These were $70 and $50 respectively on Wiggle.co.uk!

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