The Angry Singlespeeder: Fat Bikes. Meh.

Does the added expense and time investment of buying and maintaining a fat bike justify its overall fun and usefulness?    Read More »

The Angry Singlespeeder: Get into Costume and Get on Your Bike

This Halloween, do what the Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association does; get into costume and get out on your bike.    Read More »

JetLites Introduces Dual Beam to 2012 Lineup

JetLites has announced the!release of the new E-LITE Series: Dual Beam.The E-LITE Series: Dual Beams is two light heads center mounted on the JetLites exclusive bar mounting system and run by the new 4500 Lithium Ion battery. The bar mount fits standard and oversized bars and is unique in that it al ...    Read More »

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Why do none of you use jetlites?

WTF? These guys used to be it, and now there's hardly anything said about them?Read More »

Anyone used the jetlites f-1?

I haven't seen much about this light for some reason.Read More »

Jetlites E-Lite Dual V's Dinotte Dual XML-1

Hey guys, I've looked at these two lights so much that my brain is about to explode! I'd like some info from owners if there are any on here. I think the light portion of both lights look very nice but I'm not convinced by the batteries and the way they mount to the frame. Do you find they mov ... Read More »

Jetlites A-51 charge time

How long does it take the battery to fully charge for this ? Mine has been plugged in for a good 4 hours and the led is still red. thanksRead More »

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JetLites Product Categories


AXIS 5200 16w Halogen with Fuel Gauge 0
0   Reviews
AXIS 5200 HID with Fuel Gauge 0
0   Reviews
Blast HID 4.79
30   Reviews
$ 249.00
F-Lite Series X-1 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
Phantom i Single Beam 4.84
30   Reviews
$ 295.00
Phantom Single Beam 4.82
45   Reviews
$ 245.00
Starfire I Dual Beam 4.69
14   Reviews
$ 325.00
Starfire IF Dual Beam 5
9   Reviews
$ 355.00
Starfire Single Beam 4.88
32   Reviews
$ 245.00

Older Lights

Dual Beam 4.72
53   Reviews
$ 235.95
i6 Helmet and Bar 4.2
5   Reviews
$ 199.95
m6 Helmet and Bar 4.83
6   Reviews
$ 155.95
Phantom Dual Beam 0
0   Reviews
$ 235.95
Phantom IR Dual Beam 5
2   Reviews
$ 289.95
Single Beam 4.88
16   Reviews
$ 175.00
Starfire Dual Beam 0
0   Reviews
$ 235.95



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