Mtbr Log

Dec. 2007 - Year in Review.
2007 was a vintage year. Work at mtbr was good. I put a lot into riding and meeting people and I got a lot more in return. Here' some calendar highlights:

January - I did the 29er FS shootout with some friends. Then Rensho put up the 29er demo with even more friends.

February - The Tour of CA came to town and the gang hung out at Sierra Road. Check out the mini-keg.

March - I started racing again. It was fun specially when it was over. Also, there was this little luau at Passion Trail Bikes

April - Sea Otter. People, bikes, people

May - was filled with these awesome Thursday Gap rides

June - We went to Downieville with a couple of people.

July - I got a cool little car. Then JeffH pimped it out. Also, I found a nice swimming hole with the kids.

August - Went to Oregon to ride a little and drink a lot.

September - We rode up Kennedy with the kings

October - Turkey ride

November - Some great fall riding, road rides even.

December- Night rides and riding like a kid with a kid.

Healing vibes to all the injured. Sieze the day all ye healthy ones.

  • Jan 14, 2007 - On a cold January morning, about 30 riders got together to test ride some bikes. There were 15 29er bikes and a flurry of 26er rigs. Mtbr loaned out some demo bikes and a lot of folks loaned out their personal bikes. This was a huge success as folks got to try out so many bikes. We buy a ton of bikes blind!! Hopefully, people can do this again by sharing their rigs and testing others. The venue was critical as it needs to be varied with small loops. Waterdog park in Belmont was perfect! more.....

  • Jan 10, 2007 - The 29er Full Suspension shootout is coming. The 29er movement is exciting. Is it hype or is it real. 29ers have made very significant advances in the hardtail and singlespeed markets. Now, with the advent of better wheels, tires and shocks, the premier manufacturers have joined in and applied their creativity and genius to the new platform. We take eight of the best bikes available and help you decide if a 29er FS is in your future. more.....

  • Nov 11, 2006 - This is the biggest Turkey ride ever. There were hundreds of people, half a dozen turkeys, cases of beer, a keg, a dozen bottles of wine and more.....

  • Nov 11, 2006 - This is the best ride of the year. It was long, it was fast, it was fun. In the rare alignment of perfect weather, trails and company we had a glorious ride from the redwood forests to the ocean. The normal pack leaders were off the back as a new breed of fast riders joined in the fun. Most were sporting 19 lb. bikes with big wheels!We will do this again! more.....

  • Sept 20, 2006 - On September 8, my Alto Velo team mate, John Eric Peckham was killed by a drunk driver on Old Page Mill road in Palo Alto. John was a special man. He was an avid rider. He was a 24-hour racer. He was a singlespeeder. He recently discovered road racing and moved from Cat 5 to winning Cat 3 races in one year! John loved life, he loved riding and he loved people. His death has affected everyone around him deeply. more.....

  • August 22, 2006 - Ok, no more injury talk. It's time to move on. There's trails to be ridden, bikes to be tested, and beer to be enjoyed. more.....

  • August 7, 2006 - Hey everyone, Forrester Ed Orre from Demo Forest sent me a CD today of some accident pics. Those guys are truly awesome. Here they are and I'll add some current events. more.....

  • July 16, 2006 - Ok, it's been 30 days since my injury. I've been mostly at home, working on and off for the last two weeks. The recovery has been hard. In a nutshell, it has been up and down. The first week was bad but it got better every single day. I was fatigued and dizzy from the drugs all the time. The second week showed some nice improvement but as I weaned out off the drugs, I got pain and headaches. The third and fourth week should have been good but I got an infection on my surgery (upper lip) and it left me very sick and fatigued. My doc didn't want to get me antibiotics and I just got more sick. I had to go to another doctor and I've got a good supply now.

    I can drive now and I'll head out to work tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. I have a new small cast for my broken hand and it's nice and light. I went out for a 3-mile ride with my 5-year old son and the little man kicked my ass. Gotta train now!

  • June 25, 2006 - On June 17, I invited 70 of my friends for a bike ride and a picnic. I then crashed in front of them as I slipped off a log. I hit my hands and my face. I broke my left hand (5th metacarpal) and sprained my right. I lost one tooth and broke two. I have lots of stitches on my face. Maaaan, that hurt. Those 10 seconds sure have a lot of repercussions. Buuutt, I find out that a lot of support and love for moi. Thanks all!! Check HERE for the full story and updates.

  • April 10, 2006 - The Sea Otter Classic was held despite the rain. It was actually pretty awesome! Check HERE for the madness.

  • April 5, 2006 - Rain. It has rained for forty days and forty nights. The winter of 06 will be remembered as the rainiest, snowiest winter in San Jose

  • Feb 27, 2006 - The Tour of CA road race has come and gone. There's a lot of blame here for everyone. Everyone involved with this event can share in the glory of the greatest first year race in the history of cycling. In it's first year, it's already the greatest bike race in the US. It's already one of the great sporting events in the country, etc, etc, etc.

    But who's counting. What's really important is we've been graced by the presence of the Specialized Angel. On the one hand, she's just a paid model for marketing effect by a big bike company. On the other hand, she's a heavenly beauty who's enhanced our race with her presence. I vote for the latter. A tribute is here: HERE.

  • Jan 21, 2006 - I bought a used Cooper to commute in. It turns out, the car is much more fun than I thought. Also, it woke up the car enthusiast in me. It is wayy cool. I've done about 20 upgrades to it (in a month) and I'm going to have the best time driving to and from the trailhead this year. HERE.

  • Jan 1, 2006 - Yet another 2005 story... This one is worth remembering because it's my best riding year ever. With my toddlers growing up and allowing more free time, my New Years Resolution was meet more bikers! The stars aligned and I met some awesome, awesome people. Complete story and pics are HERE.

  • Dec 1, 2005 - Ok, December winter is here. The rain and cold has returned with a vengeance. Good news is I have a new toy to play with. It's a Moot Compact SL road bike. This thing is very expensive. Good news is it's very, very good. It rides like buttah. More details HERE.

  • Nov 24, 2005 - The mtbr presence in the Los Gatos Turkey Day Ride is bigger than ever. A fine bird, wine, beer, brownies, ice cream were served to a hungry crowd! Details HERE.

  • Nov 19, 2005 - I finally did it... 4 loops at Soquel Demo Forest. The stars aligned and I had the strength and the will to do this epic ride. I've done 3 loops before but those were in the race season on my geared race bike. This is mid-november and on my cruiser singlespeed! This was a good time with Jae, Joe, Derek and Ed. It wasn't that hard either. I guess turning 40 yrs old is good for me. Must be my new goatee! Details HERE.

  • Nov 5-6, 2005 - Epic riding weekend in Auburn. I've never been to Auburn and the good man Steve aka 'Bigboulder' says I should try it out. So we ride there and 30 mtbr friends join in. We ride Connector and Confluence. We eat, drink, bike sumo and the next day, we go try out the South Yuba trail. Incredible! Check it out HERE.

  • Oct 22, 2005 - Continuing the greatest October riding in history, we went to Soquel Demo Forest. This had the potential of being a great ride and boy did it deliver. I did a hotlap with some fast guys and got the speed out of my system. I then did a lap with 15 smiling folks and had the greatest time. I took the effort to take pictures on the second lap and I think it paid off. Check photos and the ride report HERE.

  • Oct 15, 2005 - Henry Coe. I used to hate that place. It's just misunderstood. You gotta go there at the right time of year with the right people who know the trail. I show up to BigLarry's ride and there's 38 people in the parking lot. I want some answers!! Maan, what a great ride. Great weather and great planning. Check pics HERE.

  • Oct 7, 2005 - Bigboulder from Auburn and Ricky aka Drevil from Maryland are in town. I take them out to ride Skeggs. We have a good day... a very good day. Four laps at skeggs.
    It's been a while since I've taken my singlespeed out. Well the magic is back and looks like my strength is back too after illness and a short lay-off. Check out the photos here. Skeggs is an awful place to take photos of cause it's so dark and fast. But I did a good job, finally! (full story here)

  • Oct 3, 2005 - What the UPS truck delivered ECU
    I get home from Vegas and there's an ECU at my door. While I was away, I shipped out my car brain and had some nerds reprogram to get more power. Yeah!
    My car is a Passat with a small 1.8T engine. 180 horse, decent torque. I've been planning to chip it since Day 1 three years ago but just never got around to it. Last week, I bike with two different people fromt this site and they say 'you chip it yet?' No. 'What's your problem?' They have three 1.8Ts between them all chipped, awesome performance, same mileage and no problems. (full story here)

  • Sept 30, 2005 - Interbike, Vegas. Maaan. I'm not feeling well but gotta do the big show. I skipped the outdoor demo. Apparently, that was a good decision because it was crowded. It was hot and there were dust storms in the afternoon. I was in charge of Hottie shots and let me just pat myself on the back and give myself a high five. It was kind of out of hand as me and the crew tried to one-up each other every night. The results though are good... very good. Check the Hottie Gallery HERE.

  • Sept 20, 2005 - My son is 5 years old now and he brightens up my day every day. Check out this character HERE. My daughter is even worse!!

  • Sept 6, 2005 - How about some roadie passion? I went to see the SF Grand Prix today. What a blast. This is my son's third race in a row! And he's only 5!! Great race, great crowd. Can't wait til next year. My write-up is HERE.

  • July 25, 2005 - I just got back from Downieville with the mtbr crew. I took the 15-year old wunderkids Pierre and Menzo to experience what real riding is all about. They had a great time riding the XC race on their singlespeeds. My race was a lot like Rasmussen's final time trial. I cramped. I helped a friend recover his bike from a cliff and I flatted twice. The river jump was off-the-hook though. Check pics and videos HERE.

  • July 22, 2005 - I turned 40 today. Man that sucks! Consolation prize is I'm riding better than ever and I'm as happy as can be with family and friends.

  • May 19, 2005 - May is living up to all expectations! The Fruita road trip was perfect. Riding Utah on the way is icing on the a very nice cake. I'll stop with the adjectives and just say we'll be there again next year and for many years to come. Check the coverage here and the photo gallery here. Folks from the East, West, Canada and UK were there. If you need a good road trip suggestion, this is it!

    24 Hours of Adrenalin Laguna Seca happened the week after Fruita and it was awesome. Mtbr had a solo team and a 10-man team. Mtbr members also formed 3 5-man teams as well. Check the coverage here and here.

  • April 28, 2005 - May is going to be a wild month. I'm taking a week road trip with the guys to the . Check out my review Fruita Fat Tire Festival. Then there's the 24 Hours of Adrenalin in Monterey. Then there's the local mtbr gathering, May by the Bay. I think I need to buy my wife a diamond this time.

  • April 21, 2005 - I rode wone of them newfangled 29-inch wheeled bikes and I actually really liked it. Check out my review HERE.

  • April 18, 2005 - Sea Otter 2005 was a huge hit. I raced roadbike and singlespeed mtb. I hung out with dozens of old friends and met with many clients. The booth gave away about $7500 in raffle prizes. Even more amazing was the booth was run mostly by website volunteers. See my write-up and photos HERE. Check the rest of our coverage HERE.

  • Feb. 7, 2005 - We have a new forum in roadbikereview dedicated to the appreciation of Podium Girls. Check it out here:

  • Feb. 5, 2005 - I rode with a bunch of mtbr members at Soquel Demo. Soo much work has gone into that place in the last 6 months. It was awesome to see eveyrone again. Trail conditions are a 10 out of 10! Photos here:

  • Jan. 31, 2005 - I'm so excited about riding. I've been on the bike 25 out of the last 25 days. I guess taking the whole December off and having a deluge of rain is good after all. I've upgraded my bikes and have a new 14 lb road bike. It's a bizniz expense honey...
    Look 585

  • Jan. 22, 2005 - I just did an incredible ride... The Greg Gardner MTB rally. Greg is a local guy who started putting together a big annual ride 3 years ago. Last year it was a bruising 14 mile climb from Aptos followed by 2 loops at Soquel Demo forest. This year, the ride is at Stevens Canyon trails. Mileage is about 35 miles with over 4000 feet of climbing. There were more than 50 people there and I only new 3 folks. So I got lots of new friends. This is a happy bunch of folks who can ride, ride, ride and drink.

    I got a new Canon G6 for christmas so I took the time for photos. Awesome coverage is here:

    The complete photos are here:

  • Jan. 10, 2005 - Ok, I just got through the dark ages. It has rained 16 out of the last 17 days here in San Jose, CA. It's soo bad my bike trainer even had to come out. Oh well, it could be worse. I could be in Southern California!

  • Nov. 1, 2004 - I get asked this every month... "Are you Filipino"? Yes I am. In fact, I was in Filipinas magazine HERE . They forgot to talk about my so-called riding abilities though :(

  • Oct 28, 2004 - The roadbikereview jersey kits are ready. They are incredible!! Wow here!. Hopefully we'll sell a ton so I can make new mtbr clothing early 2005. Buy the road stuff HERE.

  • Oct 11, 2004 - Interbike. I enjoyed this one. Made some good money for the company and took a lot of photos of hot women who ride. Here's my show highlights..

  • Aug 15, 2004 - I want to get an Evo 8. I want to get an Evo 8. But I will not. However, take a look at this wonderful video from the Brits. They have a way with words. So succinct! "The Mitsubishi is the faster car. Therefore, the Mitsubishi is the better car." STI vs. EVO 8. I will pimp out my trusty VW though.

  • Aug 4, 2004 - I got a new roadbike and I actually wrote a review. Come take a LOOK Here.

  • July 11, 2004 - Once again, mtbr strangers get together but in a more majestic venue... Downieville. We ride, hang, drink (repeat 3x). It's a grand time and it seems like I'm good friends with at least 50 of these bike nerds. Photos here:
  • June 1, 2004 - is a unique 'chat room' because the members actually get together, ride, celebrate and get to know each other. Known as Gatherings, these events are organized by members in various parts of the world and about 10 of them occur each year. I was able to make the Northern California gathering called May by the Bay 6, on May 28-31. About 40 people showed up and hand a grand time. Read and check out all the pics HERE.
  • May 20, 2004 - An old friend got me going again on WRC Rally racing. These videos are simply spectacular:
        2001 WRC Highlights    Mtb Version
        2003 Finland
        2003 Argentina
        Pikes Peak
  • May 5, 2004 - The new photo gallery is launched. Based on Photopost Software, the new gallery is better looking, easier to use and very powerful. Photos are submitted in categories by registered users and they are automatically stored in a user's gallery. HERE it is!
  • April 25, 2004 - One of our fellow riders, Ben Hall was killed in a mountain bike race. I never met him but I feel like I know him. He has the same zest for riding and for life as we do. We at mtbr have created a Memorial Page here. Ride in peace Ben.

  • April 1, 2004 - featured in April issue of Mountain Biking Magazine.

    Letter from the founder

    Aha, my vanity page. For insight on me and the site, we have to go way back to 1996. Take a peek at the birth and history of mtbr and my old home page. These pages explore our roots and it's interesting to note that not much has changed. Mtbr has been through a lot through the years but it's mission of bringing mountain bikers together is as true now it has been on April of 1996.

    So I'll be updating this page to share what's new with me and mtbr. Drop me a line as well and let me know how you're doing!

    Feb, 2003

    Skeggs Pt, CA March 2005

    Sea Otter Singlespeed Race, CA April, 2005

    Soquel Forest, CA May, 2004

    Puerto Vallarta, Mexico April, 2004

    Downieville, CA July, 2004

    Skeggs Pt, CA 2003

      Who: Francis Cebedo
      From: San Jose, CA
      Day job: Software Eng, Pointcast
      Ride: Ventana Marble Peak, Manitou HT

    My background:

      My introduction to mountain biking occurred four years ago when I bought an old '89 Diamondback Ascent for $150 so I could bike to work. Well, I never did pedal to work but I fell in love with the sport. The challenge of the climb, the rush of the descent, the joy of singletrack, the thrill of a night ride, the comradery of the group... I could go on and on. Obviously, my Diamondback was holding me back so I've gone through many parts and bikes in search of the perfect bike.

      I've spent the last six years working as a software engineer in a small company called Voysys Corp. building voicemail systems. But lately, I've been so fascinated by the Web that I felt it was time for a career change. So I moved to a new company called Pointcast in Cupertino. Visit their site and download for free one of the most fascinating applications ever developed for the computer (I kid you not)!

      Building the MTB Review site has been one of my greatest accomplishments. The site is costing me a lot of time and money but it's my way of using my talent and energies to give something back to the sport and the mountain biking community.

      Lastly, all the bikes and parts don't mean anything unless we ride. Ride to live... live to ride!

      March, 1997