29er Mountain Bikes - All you ever wanted to know about 29 inch wheeled bicycles

What is a 29er?
29ers are mountain bikes built around 700c sized wheels resulting in an outside tire diameter of about 29 inches. This tire is about three inches bigger in diameter than traditional mountain bikes which have a tire that is 26 inches in diameter. The key advantage of 29ers is they roll over trail obstacles better and keep their speed better while delivering a smoother ride. Other advantages are better traction and braking since the tire contact patch to the ground is larger. Some of the disadvantages of 29ers are increased weight and a tighter fit with shorter riders.

Giant Anthem X Advanced 29er

The Giant Anthem X Advanced 29 is the latest iteration of the best selling full suspension bike by Giant. It is a 4 inch travel full suspension bike meant for XC riding and this year, the front triangle has been converted to carbon fiber. The tapered head tube steerer has been increased to 1.25″    Read More »

2013 Rocky Mountain Element RSL Carbon 29er Preview

In one of the more obviously logical moves for a company to make, Rocky Mountain Bicycles is introducing a line of carbon Element 29ers for the 2013 model year. It’s obvious because only last year RMB unveiled aluminium Element 29ers. The company also has extensive proprietary carbon manufacturing    Read More »

Santa Cruz Highball Carbon 29er Review

We wondered how Santa Cruz would follow their success with their full suspension Tallboy 29er. The Highball hardtail 29er seemed like a good sequel for them but it was not obvious how they could come up with a competitive advantage in the hardtail arena when their forte is clearly in full suspension designs. They were confident however that they could offer something special    Read More »

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Top 29er Bike Manufacturers

Santa Cruz Niner Specialized Giant Pivot Cycles
Scott Cannondale Trek Surly Salsa